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Tel Aviv to celebrate White Night 2017
Oren Rosenstein
Published: 28.06.17, 23:23
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1. Founders of TA would role over in graves to see it today
OnlyTheBuildingsLeft ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.29.17)
The people that lived in those buildings were traditional and religious
Jews overwhelmingly and would role over in their graves to see
whose living in them today and what Tel Aviv has become sterile
high rises buildings banks and Post Zionist Headquarters Only
the buildings remain of "White Nights" the residents are now
foreign to most other Israeli Jews. A massive infusion of religious
Jews is what Tel Aviv needs to be reclaimed yes you need to
reconquer Tel Aviv from itself, it will happen as the aging childless Hippies
disappear demographically . Aging secularist fanatics living alone
in their million dollar childless grandchild less luxury high rises
NY LA San Fran always has replacements not so Tel Aviv ...
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