Opinion  Yoaz Hendel
When tribalism spins out of control
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 30.06.17, 23:47
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1. The naivete of certain people that insist on Bibi being
"corrupt" is mind boggling. So is the notion that he "clings to power" at any cost. THAT's what politicians do as a rule
2. The Left is the one going insane. Right follows Ben Gurion.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.01.17)
With all due respect to Mr Hendel , the people of Israel wish to be tribal and enjoy being tribal ,that is nothing new ,not a new phenomenon . And PM Netanyahu ,who is not perfect( who is? 0 ,is not to blame for the desire to remain tribal. It was so in biblical times and is so today. Hence the old cliche; Two jews ,three opinions...
4. running to the eye needle
sahy   (07.01.17)
jewish people are not israil israil is not bibi bibi is not trump .. when it is the opposite you run to the eye needle
5. he throws everything and everyone under the bus to stay in p
epo   (07.01.17)

thats the only line he follows.
6. Every nation should be so lucky as to have a "Bibi" in
times of deep trouble. Only morons or highly educated Leftists cannot comprehend this simple fact. Instead they concentrate on what Bibi's dog ate for breakfast and what brand of cigar Bibi smokes...
7. Guess what?
Howard Kane ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.17)
The entire concept of a secular Jewish state in the modern era is pure tribalism, unless it has religious underpinnings.
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