Some 3,000 attend Haifa Pride Parade
Ahiya Raved
Published: 01.07.17, 18:56
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1. Is Haifa still in Israel are there still any Jews left there
TA&Haifa-Israel? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.02.17)
anyone visiting Haifa like Tel Aviv will feel they are not in a
Jewish community they oo and aw over their Bahai Temple and
churches hard to find anything to remind you it is in the State
of Israel its national holiday is the Christmas Hanuka Ramadan
Festival on Shabbat whole sections are inhabited
by non Jewish Russians and the upper Carmel by Post Zionist
Yekke totally assimilated German Jews that only came here because they
couldn't get visas to America or England their children mostly
live in Europe or US. More and more Arabs moving into
the city .Haifa U Post Zionist and Arab Student Hamas dominated and supported ditto much of the Technion .
2. In eternity.
Brad   (07.02.17)
They will need a whole lot of water for their "pride parade". There will be no water forever, and they will no longer care about their "pride", or their sexual perversions.
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