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A look into Haredi textbooks shows hatred and racism
Itay Ilnai, Yehuda Shohat
Published: 01.07.17, 23:37
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1. If true: still better than their Muslim counterparts urging
kids to kill the "Yahud" whenever/wherever they can...That's religion(s) folks. Not much one can do about it, except de-fang it by totally segregate State & religion. No, it won't make our state less "Jewish". Stop citing that crap and think about it for a moment. We're first and foremost Israelis. Otherwise we may as well go back to the shtetl in Poland
2. Nazism
daniel ,   Buenos Aires   (07.02.17)
This article is similar to one written by Goebbels some years ago. YNET= NAZIS
3. It's all true
Yoni ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.17)
Most of the narrative is true. Aside for the exclusion of women it is all based on facts as painful as it may be to read.

The Arabs want to annihilate us like the Germans.
The Zionist movement did everything it could to remove Jewish religious observance from the state.
Zionism supported assimilation in many ways.
The reform movement is a clear threat to the continuity of the Jewish ppl

4. Haredim are generating Sinat Chinam
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (07.02.17)
Are evil & bigot Haredi "Jews" copying evil and murderous Falastinian terrorists?

Alternatively, are Falastinian terrorists copying the Haredim with their evil anti-Semitic propaganda?

Either way, the evil and bigot Haredi “Jews” perverted the Jewish religion. Hatred against other than Haredi belief is not religion. It is Sinat Chinam of the worst kind. It must stop.

When will Haredi “Jews” be an obsolete part of the Israeli people?
5. Let's see if I got this right
Zvika ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.17)
So, while secular kids are actually being fully exposed to Jewish heritage, traditions, and customs in their schools, it is just the Haredi kids who receive an incomplete education. Of course, in Ynet's view the above statement is true. But, most of us know that it is not.
And to all the geniuses who suggest cutting funds, let me remind you that it wouldn't stand up in court, because the Haredim would demand equal defunding of Arab schools that use even more hostile textbooks. And everyone knows we can't even dream of doing that.....
6. dishonest journalism
d ,   uk   (07.02.17)
Amazing lack of scandalous content in these books.
Dodgy conduct by the Jewish agency on the Yemenite saga- don't need charedi to know that one. Just read current disclosures
Hostile sheep - nastiest image you can find, really !?
Missing sefardi rabbi - à big deal, really!?
Oslo process a terrible mistake - half the country thinks this. 

You have to really dislike charedim to think this study has identified any major problem
7. stop this hatred of the haredim
C   (07.02.17)
the haredim have never committed genocide of other people.
the haredim have never forced conversion of others to judaism.
the haredim have never engaged in inquisition, in expulsions,
in rape and murder of the other.
the orthodox and the haredim gave up their lives for the torah.
without the torah, judaism would be dead.
the haredim are not perfect, but stop demonizing them.
the best of them live for kiddush hashem.
no one should ever forget that the shoa was the culmination of
two thousand years of unrelenting persecutions of the
jewish people. no one should forget either that part of
these persecutions was the destruction of jewish holy
books of the torah and the talmud. the nazis did not
invent jew hatred, hatred of jewish holy book which
ended in the hatred of jewish science, jewish art and
all jewish culture.
there are two gatekeepers to the continued existence
of judaism and of our beloved israel: the jewish sages
and the jewish army.
8. Want to see hatred and racism?
Brad   (07.02.17)
Check out the Koran and Hadith. That's right, instead of telling everyone that Islam is peaceful, read what their words say and wise up a little.
9. The fact is
Sam ,   Israel   (07.02.17)
If not for Charedim there would be no Judaism today.
10. Wo ,Crooked reporting
Joseph ,   Lkwd   (07.04.17)
Why are seculars so filled with hate and see everything so skewed. Glad to be Haredi
11. Vicious, nasty, and bigoted
A. Nuran ,   Lakeview   (07.10.17)
That's the simple truth. And what is the Charedi response in the other comments? More bile, bigotry and racism towards fellow Jews, towards Muslims, towards anyone except them. They are good. They are perfect. Everyone else is filth.

Nicely proves the author's point
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