Israel's ex-PM Ehud Olmert released from prison, asks president to remove parole restrictions
Associated Press and Ynet
Published: 02.07.17, 14:15
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1. Judging by the Phoenix-like Deri, we can expect him at the
helm of our Chelm -country anytime soon... ?
2. A disgraceful act following a disgraceful career.
George Washington ,   Washington, DC   (07.02.17)
What's with the courts? What's the use of a sentence if it's never served? By all accounts the man is a crook and was convicted. He's a disgrace to his family and to all Israel. Why would any court reduce his sentence?

If the slimeball tries to enter politics or is hired by some major Israeli company looking to grease some wheels using his connections, he should be returned to prison. If this man, who held the highest position in the country, doesn't have to serve even half of his sentence, then every sentence for every other incarcerated criminal must be open for reduction. Or does the 'swinging door' only work for politicians??

The state, at the least, should have taken away his pension. That would have warned every other politician that their retirement is at risk if they don't keep their noses clean.

The early release of this one-man criminal enterprise is a tragic, disgraceful, and disgusting lapse of integrity by the court.
3. of course
james   (07.02.17)
does anyone really believe olmert? I don't. bennett and shaked and even marzel got taken in. was he sick just before his parole date? what about classified inforrmaiton use or misuse? olmert buggered up the hezbollah war and now he wants a pardon? of course he will get one because most of the judicial elite poitical system is self serving and rotten. feiglin was correct-olmert
4. There's corruption, but then there's CORRUPTION
David Turner ,   Richmond   (07.02.17)
Of course Israel was correct to pursue political corruption. What I found notable at the time of his indictment was that the United States apparently views such activities as "perks" for its leaders. Recall that VP Cheney received a "golden parachute" from Halliburton when he left to join Bush administration, who then gave that corporation hundreds of billions in largess in a bid-free grant to "rebuild" shattered Iraq... and later New Orleans following Katrina. The results of both efforts were described "shoddy" by the CBO.

Comparing the levels represented by political corruption in Israel is like comparing the size of Earth to the Sun. But who, in the oil-heavy millionaires in the Bush administration was even considered as corrupt in the eyes of the Law?
5. Parole condition=Not allowed to go within 50m of brown paper
Alan ,   SA   (07.02.17)
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