Opinion  Sima Kadmon
How could Mr. America fail to predict crisis with US Jewry?
Sima Kadmon
Published: 02.07.17, 23:33
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1. The dark side of logic.
Oren ,   Ft.Lauderdale   (07.03.17)
I think the idea that you can reform Judaism is poisonous to Judaism and the Jewish people. We believe in inequality, the most rational explanation currently existing for those capable of asking themselves the question. Additionally there are A wide assortment of actions an individual and A community should make, including separating themselves from temptation, criticizing it in our discussions, and reinforcing our convictions routinely as individuals and as A group to maintain our revulsion, our awareness and memory of the consequences, and our outrage at the sin in the first place. We pray to God routinely and ask Him to keep us away from sin. From this perspective, considering that the reformers, who claim they can remake Judaism to suit whatever they desire, are violating the fundamentals of what Judaism is, A religion of inequality, with A chosen people, whos existence guarantees the discrimination of others. Since you can mostly be born A Jew, our teachings say if you desire to be A Jew, then you always were one, as in no non Jew would really want to be A Jew in the first place, therefore the claim is made that there are no converts into Judaism, and on top of that, when the Messiah arrives, he will end all conversions, making it impossible for A non chosen person to become A more blessed person. All of this proves that if you do not believe in inequality, and you do not discriminate, as the reformers do not, then fundamentally you are no longer A Jew. A inconsistency that may need to be explained, is that we allow Christians to pray at the wall, although not in the presence of Jews, and they are very great sinners in multiple ways, more so with some denominations over others, but all but the noahides. We can ban Christians from the wall, or we can claim the right to deny those who wish to dress as Jews, and who may be born of Jews, from praying with us, or at the wall entirely. I would think that first we should recognize the reformers as A greater threat and offense to the Jewish people who may imagine they can maintain their Jewish identity, only follow the truths that are convenient to them, and demand that they be recognized as equals to actual believers of Judaism. Additionally, it should be pointed out that the Temple on the Mount will be A house for all nations, who accept inequality with the Jews and other gentiles, since those who do not accept the noahide laws of the Jews will not be allowed into Israel in the first place, and therefore not allowed into the Temple either. Therefore Christians will be banned from the Temple on the Mount in the world to come, and reformed Jews to. Barouch Hashem!
2. Conservative & Reform -70% Intermarriage The real Tsunami
Marc   (07.03.17)
70% of Conservative & Reform Jews Intermarry in the USA. They really dont care about praying at the Wall.
3. Netanyahu cares about himself and nothing else
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (07.03.17)
When are the Israeli people going to realize that their Prime Minister cares about one thing and one thing only and that is staying in power forever? He has no principles, no vision, and no morals and all he cares about is himself. I don't care if you are to the Left or you are to the Right. Please elect a leader who does what is in the best interests of the people and State of Israel. Your economy may be doing great now and thank God there is no terrorism or war but a nation of eight million people that was once called a light unto nations needs a leader who will put his country, not himself, first.
With respect to Sima Kadmon , she is correct when she stated that PM Netanyahu has elected to gight with millions of american jews ,but ms Kadmon forgot to state that millions of american jews have elected to fight with Netanyahu . Why should judaism and halacha( jewish law ) constantly be watered down just to appease everybody ? if one wishes to convert to judaism ,one must do so properly . Having said that , in Israel ,they make everything infinitel harder than it needs to be ,they make one sweat blood for every little thing and life here is a bureaucratic nightmare, welcome to Israel.
The current conflict between US jews and Israel is / was inevitable , it would have happened anyway ,because american jews believe in anything goes and they mistakenly believe they have the right to constantly dictate to israelis when they do not live here. Hence the conflict. Exclusively blaming Netanyahu is unfair ,american liberal jews are also to blame ,they want everything their own way .
This argument is not really about the western wall nor about conversions .It is about spoiled american jews reacting angrily to not getting their own way and not being allowed to control iisraeli matters ,domestic israeli affairs. And like a spoiled child ,these american jews are crying . Perhaps the reason why conversion is made difficult is to see if converts are genuine and serious ?
If you want to make an impact eeeehhhh ,you must make aliyah .eehhh ,come and live here in Israel eehhh ,we will eeeeehhh welcome you eeeehhh ,we even have McDonalds eeehhhhh ,if you do not want to eehh live here ,so don't tell us what to do eeehh
8. Well lets see who US Jews will have left there for "friends"
USJewsMomentOfTruth ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.03.17)
Highest hate of Jews ( no i repeat NO connection to Israel ) is to
be found among African Americans and Hispanics based soley
on racist hate then there are the White Anglo Saxon Protestants that
support Israel that the majority of American Jews have demonized for
for a couple of generations and lets face it scratch the liberal University
"Anti Israel " crowd and eventually you will get to the truth they too
rabidly hate Jews/ So who just will our "brethren" in the US have
to fall back on there ?........hmmmmm ? of and of course the Gay
movement is and always has been rabidly ( anti Israel yeah right anti
Israel) so add up the total of "friends" of American Jews and its looking
pretty dangerous there. If American Reform and Conservative membership
was smart they would reign in the radicals which they have allowed
to take control of those movements, Temples that have on their
websites recommended reading Haaretz and have a seminar on
the Palestinians Nakba have long ago left the camp.
9. Reform jews trying to destroy our people and our Torah
LAURENCE ,   TLV   (07.03.17)
Stupid article coming from a stupid journalist who doesn't car about the kotel but found opportunity to bash Bibi. If you don't understand about coalition just don't wrtite about this subject. Do you know that Bibi has coalition agreements with different parties of his coalition ? Therefore he has to respect these agreements. With the religious parties he agreed about all kind of religious subject. Now you tell us that he should not respect these agreement only to please reform AMERICAN jews ? Yes american jews and not israeli jews. Why should we obey them ? Because they make donation to Israel ? Then we understand their true colors : they pay therefore they want to decide !!! Quite disgusting !! Well it doesn't work like that. If they want to influence israeli politics they should made aliya and vote. Honestly these people are Obama supporters, BDS supporters, Palestinians supporters and Iran deal supporters and now they want to reform our Torah and destroy what God gave us. They even don't believe in the third Temple and in the Mashiah , actually they really don't care about the Kotel , their purpose is to divide our people.
10. Read Shakespeare, and specifically Macbeth
Jacob Edelman ,   NYC   (07.03.17)
It always reaches a point in a politician's life where he/she would need to re-read Shakespeare's Macbeth. I think PM Netanyahu has reached that stage.
11. what crisis are you talking about?!
C   (07.03.17)
do you really think that netanyahu has forgotten the myriad crises
facing him and the nation.
north korea, with its twisted psychopathic leader, is considered the
greatest threat facing the world. the snotty, oily leader of north korea
is rapidly emerging as the most irrational, most unstable leader
in the world. he is rapidly arming himself with nuclear weapons
and the ballistic missiles to deliver them.
the shia terror regime is allied with north korea and gets technical
advice on building advanced continental missiles
the russians and the chinese are rubbing their hands in glee
at the very thought of upending the international order
and letting the north korea acquire deliverable nuclear bombs.
these two long standing adversaries of the united states
can barely wait to see iran and north korea armed to the
teeth with deliverable nuclear weapons.
the charm of internationalism, of globalism, affects only
those who believe in the truth of allah.
in the meantime, those of us who are sane, must believe
that netanyahu continues to prepare the country
as best he can for a near future conflagration.
we cannot expand vast amounts of energy on the histrionics
of leftist jews, supporters of obama and his pro-iran policies.
let's not forget that north korea and the shia terror regime
are allies. let's not forget that neither russia nor china have
any inclination to help with the north korean issue.
why would they? they regard the united states and its
allies as enemies to their imperial ambitions, their
colonial ambitions, their economic rapaciousness, their
will to power.
so why are Israeli journalists supporting the vapid agendas of the
liberal reform movement, and why are american journalists
threatening the president with assassination and decapitation.
do these people have a death wish? do they want another
world war?
12. EVERYTHING Bibi does is motivated by him staying in power...
Rafi ,   US   (07.03.17)
Sorry to break this "news" to Netanyahu's knee-jerk American supporters who now feel betrayed... but his motivations have been obvious for years given his past stunts... including:

- his foolish "cannonball cartoon" speech to the UN General Assembly;

- his showboating in Eilat of the IDF capture of Iranian arms in the Red Sea;

- his gross interference in the US political process by appearing before a joint session of Congress to make a public spectacle about the Iran nuclear deal, etc ,etc.

ALL designed to impress his imbecilic home base constituency.

The unforgivable fact is that his actions were repeatedly counter-productive to Israeli national interests... as is the latest contretemps with Diaspora Jewry,

"But who cares?.... as long as it helps keep me in office..."
13. Crises USA Jewry
Eion Isaac ,   Internationalist   (07.05.17)
There are greater issues than the agreement at rhe Western Wall surely . The Hadassah doctors strikes d treatment of children with cancer the Poverty in Jerusalem and other cities the poor conditions of many elderly including the last remaining Holocaust Survivors . Tikun Olam is also a great mitzvah .
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