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Land of dispute: tour of the West Bank, 50 years after Six-Day War
Oded Shalom
Published: 03.07.17, 23:40
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1. Call it what it is Efraim.
Brad   (07.04.17)
The West Bank is not disputed land. It is part of Israel. That's it.
2. Arabs must realize that occupying other people's land is not
productive or conductive to one's own development.
3. Jericho is no Dubai, why?
dave ,   usa   (07.04.17)
Because the author conveniently omitted the list of terror attacks launched against Israelis during the First and Second Intifada. Palestinian laborers were free to cross into Israel until they went on an fanatical campaign of bombings, shootings, and knifings. So please, save us the crocodile years of Pali hardships.
4. So tiny!
Mark ,   London   (07.04.17)
"The lands occupied in Judea and Samaria in 1967 cover a total of 5,790 square meters (62,320 square feet). About 2.5 million Palestinians live in those lands"

I never realised it was so small, more like a park really. How do they fit in so many Palestinians and settlers?
5. "Greater Israel" would fit into many national parks
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.04.17)
Mark, it is insane to consider dividing the sole tiny Homeland of the Jewish people even more. Jordan already occupies almost 80% of the Jewish Homeland Mandate. All of "Greater Israel" would fit comfortably into many national parks in places like Africa and Canada.
6. Yet Another Leftist "Tactical Omission " article
PurePropaganda ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.05.17)
Left out the rampant Anti Semitic racist blind hate of these same
people who say like one "don't we deserve to be treated like human beings"
while he allows and encourages his children to be raised on blatant
racist school books and media what a bunch of crap . You will not find
even ONE Palestinian that would agree Jews have a right here not ONE.
No mention of WHY the long lines coming from areas that sent suicide
bombers to wipe out whole Jewish families. The damage here is
not to the Israeli population that see through the writers deliberate
distortion omission of key facts in the conflict but to the casual
uninitiated reader from abroad who might swallow all this as
gospel truth. The simple young soldier who called the writer a traitor
was reacting with inner truth and their is nothing purer than that
the soldier knows that if the writers Oslo Two dream came true
his entire family would be in mortal danger and you know what
maybe Jews viciously expelled from the "tolerant" Moslem world in the 1950's should wear around their necks a key to their now appropriated homes a Jewish Key inscribed "we will return" to Morocco Algeria
Iraq Lebanon Tunisia Egypt Syria Yemen. Oh also omitted the
the participation of the Palestinians in the Holocaust by their
leader Haj Amin Al Husseini but facts don't get in the way to
this columnist his aim is pure propaganda
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