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The Western Wall and the Jewish pocket
Nahum Barnea
Published: 03.07.17, 21:34
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1. Time for the diaspora to close their wallets and support
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Mount Laurel, NJ USA   (07.03.17)
Without the billions upon billions of dollars the diaspora has given to Israel and Israeli charities and without their pressuring their government representatives to support Israel the State of Israel would be just another third world country. For far too long Israeli's have taken for granted the money and the support they receive from American Jews and the diaspora. When American Jews supported Obama by an overwhelming majority they were branded self haters and whenever an American Jew dares to question Israel's current right wing government they are called anti semities. Fine with me. We American Jews should keep quiet and let Israel do whatever it wants. On one condition. That no Israeli charity ever accept one shekel from the diaspora and that the diaspora stops pushing ther governments to continue to blindly support Israel. Let's see how long it will take Israel to survive when support, both political and financial, disappears from the diaspora.
2. Let them stuff their money
David ,   New york   (07.04.17)
So israel fought 10 wars and made the desert bloom so a bunch of leftists in New York should tell it what to do?
How cheaply some people would sell themselves out!
3. So we aren't good enough for the Wailing Wall?
American Jew ,   NYC   (07.04.17)
We diaspora Jews are going to do our own version of BDS. When I'm in Tel Aviv and go out to dinner I spend more money on kosher wine and dinner then most Israelis make in a week. I tip good too. So if I can't pray at the wall then I don't have to spend money in Israel. We'll see how much you back those orthodox mullahs when the money stops.
4. Donations?
Aviva ,   Modiin   (07.04.17)
This must be a joke. American Jews think we need their money? This isnt the 1950s. Have they actually visited and seen the marinas with the yachts? Do they visit and see the Ferraris? Donate to Israel? Only friers would donate.
Israel has a thriving economy and their donations only go to line the pockets of government ministries.
5. Israel is rich
Joel   (07.04.17)
Packed malls, booming sales if Porsches, beemers and Cadillac, millions of Israelis vacation in chul every summer in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Greece, etc. All the local hotels in ashkelon, ashdod, Eilat are packed every Shabbat with locals, mas hacnasa catches people every day who claim no income with large stashes of cash, Israel is not a poor country. In fact it's ranked number 8 globally please Google this per capital millionaires up there with Saudi, Switzerland, UAE, etc. If there is a need, Israelis can donate it doesn't need to come from overseas.
6. Back in the days of the 2nd Temple
Dave ,   Chicago   (07.04.17)
David Mitz said:
"As back in the days of the second Temple, the ones in charge need to stop making short term, stupid decisions! Please be careful before you blow it for another 2000 years!
“Politics for Dummies!”

Back in the 2nd Temple era it was the Oral Torah denying, halacha avoiding, assimilating, Sadducees who blew it for 2000 years.
They were the one's in charge of the Temple.
Their approach to judaism failed, and they didn't survive.
Neither did the Temple.
The Pharisees, remained loyal to halacha, & did survive.
These days, the Jews most resembling the Sadducees are the Reform, the one's who could take or leave the Temple as a spiritual matter.
The Jews most resembling the Pharisees, the one's who pray daily for a rebuilt Temple, are the Orthodox.
History does repeat itself..
7. Can anyone explain
Big Yossi ,   Israel   (07.06.17)
why the reform are suddenly interested in the orthodox wall? Yes, orthodox, because the only reference to any significance to the Kotel appears in the orthodox Talmud and Medrash. You know, the books compiled by those fanatic, obscurantist orthodox rabbis in black coats. The Tanach doesn't mention a word about the Kotel. Suddenly, the reform pay attention to the orthodox Talmud and Medrash??
Donors must continue to donate without imposing unrealistic and unnecessary demands.
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