USS George H. W. Bush 'a symbol of good vs evil,' says Netanyahu
Ahiya Raved
Published: 03.07.17, 22:16
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1. Sailors on leave should visit the US sites in Israel
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (07.04.17)
It's after all the 4th of July. Among those sites connecting the two countries are the 9/11 memorial, Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem, and the Kennedy forest. I'd also suggest a tour of the Golan Heights border with Syria. I expect there are IDF personnel who can provide them a ground-eye look at what they're contending with from the air.
2. insecure and dependent
james   (07.04.17)
sharon did not go around heaping extra praise on anyone or any country. it is unseemly to constantly thanking usa or anyone else as if israel does not do its own share. its not only bibi, but herzog, livni, peres, peretz ran to the usa as iif israel would fold without them.

bibi is not self confident, beset by fears and has never overcome his fears. it may have its origin in his idf service.

he only encourages the enemy because if i sense it, they sense it. ieiberman, feiglin, bennett barkat and saar are not so affected. likud should throw bibi out already. let him hang out with ehud barak and they can talk over how they were both going to give away jordan valley, east jerusalem, golan, most of west bank.
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