Opinion  Sima Kadmon
The winner who won’t be prime minister
Sima Kadmon
Published: 04.07.17, 12:04
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1. The level of comments is below chimps!Poor zombies have been
conditioned to hate "Bibi" without pausing for a second and asking : why?!
2. Israel is still paying for Labor's Oslo Disaster
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.04.17)
Labor's Oslo Disaster was accurately defined as "the worst self inflicted wound by any state in history". Almost 20,000 Israelis were maimed and murdered as a direct result of Oslo, and the toll is still rising. Israelis are still being murdered by guns Labor gave to terrorists, and by attacks launched by parts of Israel insanely handed to "Palestinian" terrorists. Labor is criminally negligent in its governance of Israel, and should never be allowed to govern again. Its lunatic leaders, who foisted Oslo on Israel, should be held criminally liable.

3. The Labor party has gone to far to the left.
Joel ,   Hod Hasharon   (07.04.17)
A Labor Party that supports the views of Meretz will never get back to power.
Going too far to the left is as bad as going too far to the right.
Extremism in any direction is bad.
The Likud and Bibi are at the moment a center party.
Once we have a Palestinian state on the west bank which is what the Labor party wants.
It will be half way towards the eradication of the state of Israel.
If a Palestinian state is formed on more land from the west bank.
It means that what we have from Gaza will be like a child`s game compared to what we will get from the west bank.
Missiles will be fired not only at Ben Gurion airport but in all directions to most of the towns and villages in the coastal and central areas.
A Palestinian state is the end of the state of Israel.
Let`s hope it never happens.
4. not so fast
geroge   (07.05.17)
israelis were sick of herzog and his connection to universally despised osloist livni. they don't trust lapid whose fahter learned politics from olmert, a convicted crook and war pacifist.

avi gabbay may have a chance if he wins by bringing in yaalon, shifting labours policies to the centre right, yes centre right with the following requirments:

Jordan valley annexed to israel
area c to be developed according to bennett's plan
security control over bridges
claim reuben and gad's land on the east bank as iit is historically israel as well san remo. it gives more room for talks
offer the arabs payments to leave.

if gabbay adopts these policies, then i would support him.
5. pm lacks guts
jay   (07.05.17)
it is too bad, though not a crime. some people have courage to go through heavy burdens and others do not. herzog shrunk from security challenges and so does bibi. he lacks guts. he is afraid of trump and he was afraid of obama which is why he offers concesions. he did it again by going back on his beth el commmittment of 300 homes. he lies but dismisses the notion that he is lying. he lies because he is afraid. just as in the gaza war, he was afraid to the point of paralysis. this man is a coward and israelis should start realizing it. his word is worthless.
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