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We won’t turn the other cheek, US Jewish leaders say
Nechama Duek
Published: 04.07.17, 23:26
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1. Democracy stands in the way
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (07.05.17)
In a democratic country if you want something done you cast your vote and if the majority agrees then it happens
So how come a large group of US citizens expect their will be adopted when the do not live in Israel?
Make Aliya and have your say
2. Why don't you reform leave off Israel
Heshy Friedman ,   Brooklyn ny   (07.05.17)
You reform have done a great job destroying your youth who are fleeing your temples and intermarrying at an 80 per cent rate. Now you want to destroy the Israeli youth.
3. serious question
someone ,   somewhere   (07.05.17)
Has something actually changed, or did the conversion law simply uphold how it always was (I seriously am asking, because I am unsure and would appreciate a veracious and informed answer).

Same question with the wall. Is what was asked, something that will change how its always been?

Because my position is, if nothing has actually been changed by these laws, but merely preserving what has always been since the foundation of the state, why is everyone who is up in arms over this up in arms?

Please if anyone can answer this it will help.
4. The choice is not Bibi's to make
Dan   (07.05.17)
It's not up to Bibi to decide between halachic or pluralistic state. No one made him emperor. The basic laws and the intentions of the founders are very clear: a democratic state along ethnic not religious Jewish lines. To make Israel the Jewish Iran will mean the end of Israel.
DACON9 ,   BROOKLYN NY   (07.05.17)
THE PICTURE OF THOE GENTLEMEN IS FINE. I Wonder if they also wear crosses under their shirts. I didn't see a kipa so they must be wearing crosses.

“I respect the Haredi way, but they are already refusing to let their children marry even national-religious Jews. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHO A PARTICULAR PEOPLE ACCEPT IN THEIR GROUP.
6. American Jews
C   (07.05.17)
these are the very same jews who supported obama unconditionally.
they supported him despite his anti-israel policies.

regarding conversion, it is difficult to understand what is it that
they are complaining about.
all of them can make aliya under the law of return.
yet many of them have never even visited israel.

these are people who want to impose their own laws
on the sovereign jewish state of israel.
israel is not a second america.
the laws of conversion of the israeli rabbinate do
not apply to jews who live in the diaspora.
yet the reform and conservative want to impose
their laws of conversion on the sovereign jewish state.
no self respecting state would accept such coercion
by foreign individuals, regardless of their religion
or kinship with the state.
7. "1,700,000 NY Jews" really at least 500,000 are Orthodox !
ReformNeedsTheChange ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.05.17)
Reform as everyone with a half a brain knows has no connection
to a Supreme Being or Creator and is nothing more than
one more NYC LA SF Boston Social Engineering Movement
on its last legs but with millions of dollars of legacies left it
otherwise it would be closing synagogues even faster than
it does now . The "leaders" love their VIP positions and EGO
rules the day they have become not devout Jews but
devout fanatic members of the Cult of Reform. Many of
their Temple websites over and over emphasize
their "Reform" values Reform over and over is mentioned
in these sites "Recommended reading " on many of their
sites is the Anti Semitic Haaretz !! If anyone needs to
change and "reform" it is this pseudo Jewish Social
Engineering Movement parading posing as religion
8. Israeli Jews
C   (07.05.17)
the strong majority of israeli jews are secular.
yet they do not force a change in the laws of conversion.
9. American Jewish "leaders" promote antisemitic stereotype
moishe ,   golutsk   (07.05.17)
American Jewish "leaders" promote antisemitic stereotype that is is all about money with Jews. These wealthy Judenrats think that they can buy their way in destroying 3500 years of Jewish tradition. I wonder if these fat cats have any Jewish children or grand-children. Jewish people linger for 3,500 years because of Torah and keeping Jewish tradition, not because of $$$$$$$
10. Israel and America
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.05.17)
aren't one nation.
Americans and Israeli's vote separately for different reasons and different goals.
One hand does not wash the other Jews or not.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (07.06.17)
What does this have to do with US Jews? Isn't Israel teh only democracy in Middle Beast?
12. Ayatoulahs in Israel and Iran control & brainwash people
Z.Latz ,   israel   (07.06.17)
13. AmericanJews aren't Israeli's
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.06.17)
they can vote for an American President not the PM of Israel.
14. US Jews have few friends in US & making less here as well
USJewsWakeUP ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.07.17)
Who exactly can US Jews count on as "Friends" there ? They
live in a delusional bubble .
All surveys point to the highest rates of Anti Semitism not in the White American sector but in the African American sector the Hispanic Sector
add to it the anti Israel and sometimes Anti Semitic media CNN
and others the Academic Community BDS Self Hating US Jews
( "Anti Israel "?just scratch em' and the Jew hate will ooze out )
Now add the White Anglo Saxon Christian millions be they
Mainstream Protestant Anti Israel Churches or the Evangelical
Christians constantly maligned by Liberal Jews and WHO
exactly do US Jews have there as "Friends" Israel should
fear mass immigration to Israel by these self haters and promoters
of a Cult of Reform the gateway to Assimilation . The Jewish
community there is in tatters and tottering on the brink of
disappearing Israel is the bastion of Jewish Civilization and
it is based on solid Jewish Tradition that has been the
mainstay of Jews who remain faithful to it over the millennia
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