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Peretz vs. Gabbay: Old news vs. hot news
Nahum Barnea
Published: 05.07.17, 11:03
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1. Mr. Barnea excellent analysis as always, but...
Alba Nueva ,   Israel   (07.05.17)
(no, I am not splitting hairs),
Mr. Amir Peretz is a Moroccan-Israeli born in Morocco. This means he is a Mughrabi Jew not a Sephardi Jew.

Mr. Avi Gabby is a Jerusalem born Israeli. This means he is an Israeli Jew not a Sephardi Jew.

Sir, for the record the division is thus:
Sephardi Jews can trace their ancestors to Spain.
Mugrahbi Jews can trace their ancestors to North Africa.
Mizrachi Jews can trace their ancestors to Iran (Persia), Iraq, Yemen etc.
But really, Sir, by this time most of us are just Israelis. :)
2. Rubbish. Many if not most N. African Jews R Berber Converts
Reader of History ,   city   (07.06.17)
3. Rich guy leading Labour?
Avi L.   (07.06.17)
Sounds like Donald pestering against the "elites"
4. Any program by any chance?
Avi L.   (07.06.17)
What are the program of those two guys?

What's their vision of the society, of the nation, of security?

What do they propose?

5. Barnea at his usual cluelesness, but besides: who cares what
is the name of future "captain" of this fast-sinking boat? Only in our terror-supporting media is this "race" presented at earth-shattering news worth more than say: the visit by Indian PM!
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