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What international isolation?
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 05.07.17, 23:30
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1. Israel is hated all over Europe
Josh ,   Usa   (07.06.17)
So you can keep wistling in the dark, but your Right wing government is more isolated then ever (well, north Korea might be a good friend of Bibi).
2. New anti-US Economic Alliance BRICS and Israel...
Z.Latz ,   israel   (07.06.17)
The future of the world is in the EAST, more precisely all ASIAN countries.
American empire is crumbling before our eyes.
Every empire has eliminated itself for One REASON: for invading other countries.
US is following this path to self destruction.
Google, Facebook, Amazon, Monsanto..etc, they all want to rule the world, to make people their slaves, to turn the real world into so called "augmented reality". This is google's and Facebook's newest technologies to make people even more dependent on their smart phones. This is the face of the evil.
BRICS - is the anti-American economic alliance of mostly Asian and South American countries. It's quietly pushing away the American dollar by using BRICS' own currencies and their banks.
It's founding members: Brasil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.
There is a waiting line to get accepted, and Israel should join this group ASAP.
China, India, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines...are the future economic powers.
3. Agreed,Netanyahu's pact w/India is his super success in life
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.06.17)
As Yoaz writes, Netanyahu needs to go. Still, he will have something worth mentioning in history books. And I am not forgetting to mention the furniture at his monumentally remodeled house in Cesarea. Or am I omitting the fabulously successful visits of Trump and Britney. The pact with India is bigger than the kotel mess, bigger than everything.
" The europeans can't stand Netanyahu as a person " Maybe because they can not push him around ?
5. Please, Hendel: you must leave the Leftist camp with some
sort of hope.... They've been bemoaning the oncoming "tsunami of isolation" for close to 20 years now!
6. The stronger Israel gets; the more friends Israel will have
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.06.17)
Nobody wants weak friends and allies. Everyone wants strong friends and allies, who are full of self respect and act with determination. The stronger Israel gets; the more friends and allies Israel will have. Everyone wants to back a winner. Its really that simple.
7. Muslims are pushing European's around
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.06.17)
and no one deserves it more than the anti semitic schmucks who'd be speaking German if not for the allied forces. Enjoy the great unwashed muslims.
8. , "they can’t stand Benjamin Netanyahu as a person"-LOL LOL
Alan ,   SA   (07.06.17)
AND they cant stand the Jews eitherThey wiped out half our people. (my uncles aunts and cousins included. My father escaped them only because he was a footloose and fancy free bachelor) and still hope Israel will just disappear by 2035 or so.
Instead Israel is now in top 10 most powerful countries in the world.That sticks in their throats
Europe is not our friend. Neither are the leaders of Europe. Some German leaders just feel a little guilty but the people feel nothing on the whole according to surveys
9. And I can't stand the Europeans
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (07.08.17)
I can't stand 2000 years of European white Christian anti-Semitism in both their religious and secular forms, I can't stand the overbearing patronizing European treatment of non-Europeans in general and Jews/Israelis in particular.

I can't stand Europe's instinct to impose its policies on 7 billion human beings on 7 continents, I can't stand that the European newspapers are trying to shape world opinion and shove their political opinions down the throats of 7 billion human beings.

I can't stand that Europeans are lecturing morality and ethics and international law to Israel and the rest of humanity when the Europeans themselves have violated all 10 Biblical commandments, massacred millions of Jews and non-Jews across the globe, colonized the world with European empires and violated international law themselves.

The instinct of telling humanity what to do and what not to do doesn't easily fade away in the collective European psyche.

In the past, it was Catholicism and Christianity and the promulgation of the Christian faith and the forceful conversion of non-European natives all across the globe to Christianity.

Later on, imperialism and colonialism were fashionable. Later on it was Nazism, Fascism, Socialism and Communism.

Today, it's multi-culturalism, "eco friendly policies", no borders, free movement of people whether independent countries like it or not, "European values", and post-nationalism and global dismantling of national borders and nation states.

Always do the Europeans find a subject to shove down the throats of humanity.

I can't stand the overbearing and arrogant Europeans and their European globalist supranational empire.

All empires crumble and so will the European Union. It has already started: Brexit and the schism between Western and Eastern European states over the Arab Moslem immigration issue, and the fact that Italy, due to receiving hundreds of thousands of illegal Arab and Moslem immigrants, feels abandoned by the European Union.

10. Thank G-d America's founders left Europe
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.10.17)
America is a bright example to the world how leaving anti semitism and bowing to either a King or a Pope can have benefits that are still being enjoyed.
Also, than G-d Trump won his bid to end extremists Muslims into entering America a Judeo- Christian nation.
11. # 8 Alan And now Europe feels the wrath of G-d.
BBB   (07.10.17)
In the commandments there is a foreboding of the future.
' For I the LORD thy God am a jealous God visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
and showing mercy unto thousands that love me, and keep my commandments.'
So, right on schedule Europe and all anti semitic nations pay with the influx of violent terrorists Muslims.
Don't forget your heavenly father or, he'll forget you.
Too bad the European's have such a short memory and, now, a long line of Muslims waiting to take over Europe. Perfect!
12. Thank G-d America's founders left Europe
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.10.17)
America is a bright example to the world how leaving anti semitism and bowing to either a King or a Pope can have benefits that are still being enjoyed.
Also, than G-d Trump won his bid to end extremists Muslims into entering America a Judeo- Christian nation.
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