Israel-India relations were born in Oslo
Dr. Yoav Fromer
Published: 06.07.17, 10:59
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1. Kowtowing to the" righeous India" by an Israeli Leftie .
ab   (07.06.17)
2. But of course dear Comrade: NOTHING "Bibi" does can be good
in the eyes of compulsive "Just not Bibi"-zombies....The only "potential" is this:
slowly but surely we shall be able to help the "Palestinians" reach new shores they can unload their "uncontrollable rage" upon!
3. Dragging the Palestinians in
tiki ,   belgium   (07.06.17)
Modi's visit has nothing to do with 'reaching an understanding with the Palestinians' but everything with the reached understanding that Israel has a lot to offer.

This counts for India, China, African Nations and even some of the Arabs. The Europeans have first to deal with their fresh imported citizens and than they'll reach the same understanding.

The "Palestinians" have dropped to the bottom of most priority lists....and they know it!.
4. Nonsense. Relations established in 1992. Oslo Accords 1993.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (07.06.17)
It's obvious Oslo wasn't the impetus for establishing relations, as it hadn't happened yet.

So let's go back to the pre-Oslo 1990s and consider what else was happening: The Berlin Wall fell, the Soviet Union collapsed, Iraq invaded and was driven out of Kuwait, and the US emerged. - albeit for a brief time - as the world's sole super-power. In the aftermath one had the Madrid Conference, which ultimately led to the disastrous Oslo Accords. I say disastrous because they led to more dead and injured Israelis and an empowered political campaign against Israel.

It's more accurate to say India, China and others saw the changing political landscape in the post-Soviet era, and that Israel's advances on the world stage in the past decade have been *dspite* Oslo, not because of it.
5. "Oslo" was the biggest disaster for many families AND Israel
Alan ,   SA   (07.06.17)
in every way. There were no benefits-not even making BJP hug Israel
6. What was born at Oslo? 10,000s of maimed & murdered Israelis
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.06.17)
Yoav Fromer's article is absurd, and Israeli universities need to hire professors who are wiser and more patriotic. The only thing that was born at Oslo was tens of thousands of maimed and murdered Israelis.

The evil fiction of "Palestine" was concocted solely for the purpose of erasing Israel, a fact "Palestinian" leaders have admitted many times. Israel's fake "peace talks with Palestinians" can only harvest many more maimed and murdered Israelis.

Even worse: the talks are intended to turn Israel into a helpless, defenseless 9 mile wide concentration camp.
7. If it was not for the stupid Oslo agreement.
Joel ,   Hod Hasharon   (07.06.17)
If it was not for the stupid Oslo agreement the Labor party may have still been in power.
Ever since the Labor party moved from being a center party to the very far left.
And their constant desire to create a Palestinian state in the middle of Israel.
I will never vote for them again.
A Palestinian state ten miles east from Tel Aviv will be the beginning of the end of the state of Israel.
Gaza will be like a child`s game compared to the amount of missiles and rockets that will be fired onto Tel Aviv and Jerusalem from the west bank.
If such a state would ever be in existence.
8. Oslo was 93, india established relations in 92
Dan ,   Bethany   (07.06.17)
Not sure how the author became a history professor but Oslo was signed after the Cold War ended and after Zionism = Racism was repealed. Giving land without peace to Hamas and Hezbollah isolated Israel and led to the anti israel hysteria we saw in the media during the 2000s.
9. Is this what he teaches his students at U-Tel Aviv?
Joe ,   Washington DC   (07.06.17)
10. Radical Leftists use anything to propose insane ideas
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.06.17)
11. An excellent article,based on facts of life & powerful logic
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.06.17)
Academics like Dr. Fromer deliver the sanity voice of the country, from all the directions of Israeli spectrum of political views. It is a mark of distinction for Ynet that articles like this are written for it and published. Bravo for Ynet.
12. Relations with India preceded the Oslo Agreements
Cosmic X ,   Jerusalem   (07.06.17)
Formal relations between the two countries: January 1992
Oslo Accords : September 1993

It was not the Oslo Accords but the breakup of the Eastern Bloc which drove Israeli-Indian relations.
FO ,   Belgium   (07.06.17)
You pretend that the "Oslo Agreements", allowed India to free itself from the bloc of non-aligned countries—and particularly from the influence of the Muslim states that controlled that bloc. Total nonsense! You seem to forget that India has enough problems with Islam, as Israel do! The interest of India for Israel is based on Israel being a start-up nation, without being a super-power, and this is important for India. Israel with its 8 million represents no danger for India. History also unites both countries. India and Jewish Palestine were the victims of Perfidious Albion (Britain)!
14. Osloites should be worried they may be dragged into court
one day soon, Inshallah.
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