Opinion  Yoaz Hendel
The post-Haredism era is underway
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 08.07.17, 11:46
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1. So much BS
David ,   Jerusalem   (07.08.17)
Nice article about you dream.
You should thank the Haredim and all the jew who devote their life to Torah. This is the only reason why jews are still jews.
2. Articles speaks to true motivation to enlist haredim
David ,   New york   (07.09.17)
You can't say that enlisting haredim in the army is not meant to destroy haredim and then at the same time say that those enlisting are ditching their religion.
Perhaps the reason why there was such a push to enlist Haredim was in order to destroy them
(And maybe the Haredim were right when they said it was)
3. What is a Chareidi
David ,   Chicago   (07.09.17)
When reading these opinion pieces, I often get the feeling that the word Chareidi is just another word for Chasid.
Fact is, the Chasidim, and all other forms of Torah observant Jewry, are not going away.
Just like the Pharisees of 2000 years ago, they will survive, because they are committed to both the Written and Oral Torah.
The ones' who will disappear, are the Jews similar to the Sadducees. That would be the Reform and Conservative Jews, who are losing numbers rapidly. That's because they are not committed to Oral and Written Torah.
4. Nonsense! It's the reform Jews falling apart
Heshy Friedman ,   Brooklyn NY   (07.09.17)
This article is very misleading. It's the reform and conservative Jews intermarrying and falling apart very quickly. Just because a chareidi Jew goes to work does not make him non chareidi. Here in America most go to work. And yes some put in work cloths especially if they work as plumbers,painters or work that would ruin your cloths. It's the normal thing to do. Reform have 80 per cent intermarriage rate. Chareidi schools are exploding in population. Reform are selling their buildings to orthodox yeshivas. Wake up and smell the coffee. Chareidim are moving to small towns around israel if they can't afford Jerusalem. Chareidim will take over.
5. Absolute numbers still minority in growing cohort
Raymond in DZc ,   Washington, USA   (07.09.17)
Yes, it's true that "growing numbers" of Haredim are joining the IDF - a few hundred a year, maybe fewer than the number of Christians joining - but the proportion of those eligible to serve remains minuscule. The proportion of ultra-Orthodox males in gainful employment is slowly increasing, but they remain a minority. And while the majority of their women do work, they're not working in many fields deemed a risk to values or "modesty".

The fact is the Haredi community is among the country's fastest growing, but still the poorest. Until the ethos of not just slowly growing numbers but of an increasing proportion heading toward a majority changes, Israel faces a challenging future.
6. Adapt or die
A. Nuran ,   Lakeview   (07.10.17)
Charedism only survives in the United States through parents supporting adult children, begging and theft.
In Israel it only survives through parents supporting adult children, begging and extortion of the government.

This is unsustainable. And no matter how much the inevitable responses will blame "the Blacks" or "the seculars" or rage about how anyone who says this hates Jews or otherwise throw around bigotry and tu quoque that is the simple, undeniable fact. It is unsustainable and falling apart. I wish the change had started forty years ago so there hadn't been two more generations of Charedi men with no education outside of religious indoctrination, no work skills, and no tradition of earning a living.

Now it's approaching a crisis which means the chances of a good outcome are less.
7. Still growing
Robert ,   antwerp   (07.10.17)
I can't tell about Israel but in Europe the number of haredim is growing exponantially
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