UNESCO declares Cave of the Patriarchs as Palestinian World Heritage Site
Itamar Eichner
Published: 07.07.17, 12:46
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1. Not for sale at any price
Martin SA   (07.07.17)
2. heritage
eddie ,   cape town   (07.07.17)
came someone please explain?????????

If two thirds is required to pass the motion, how is 12 votes out of 21 resulting in 2/3 ???
3. Relying on Poles ?????????? They were selling Jews
ab   (07.07.17)
for a quarter pound of lard/head, they'd love to repeat it for petrodollars.
4. wouldn't it be nice?
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (07.07.17)
I was always under the impression that those traditionally buried in Hebron were Adam and Eve, three forefathers and three fore-mothers. Aren't these all holy to Islam, Christianity, and (oh, I almost forgot) Judaism? So much for the so-called "United" Nations, making sure that any chance for unity of these 3 religions is thrown out the window. They are obviously 'United' for the wrong reasons.
5. Something must be done by Israel in face of this farce.
6. not want to be seen in their company..................
tiki ,   belgium   (07.07.17)
UNESCO is such a place.

Time to leave UN/UNESCO to the imbeciles & Arabs!

Israel should have more self respect than to be seen in the same room as this bunch of corrupt morons.

Cave of the Patriarchs a "Palestinian world heritage site". LOL!

A normal person can't even dream it UNESCO they can.
This should tell you all you need to know!

Israel should tell this bunch that when they have their act together Israel will rejoin. Until than let them have their fun among themselves.

When you show them you don't care, they'll stop caring!
FO ,   Belgium   (07.07.17)
You said: "The Cave of the Patriarchs and Hebron are not just Jewish heritage sites, but also sites over which the people of Israel have a HISTORICAL, POSSESSORY AND LEGAL RIGHT, BASED ON INTERNATIONAL LAW AS WELL". Dear Mrs. Shaked, could you be more explicit please about what you said... BASED ON INTERNATIONAL LAW? Or is big boss Bibi still making sure that this chapter of Israel's past remains CLASSIFIED, although his own late father, Benzion, introduced in the UN Charter, Article 80, just to make impossible that Jewish-Israeli rights in International Law could be rescinded?!?!
8. Peace, Peace, please somebody give the world Peace
Micro Scope ,   Boston, Mass   (07.07.17)
These Euro-Amero "Fake Jews" just need to get the hell out of this Middle East, this so-called holy land and let Peace come to this planet.
9. UNESCO caves in again!
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (07.07.17)
10. waaahhh.... the end of the world !!!!
epo   (07.07.17)
11. As the Israeli Ambassador said:
Alex ,   Tel Aviv   (07.07.17)
his toilet problem is more important than this vote! Well said.

Jerusalem is not going anywhere and neither is Hebron, but they can keep dreaming...
12. # 2 Eddie their math sux
and so does their anti semitism taken to another level at the very bottom.
13. It's hard to know where YNET comes down on this
Empress Trudy ,   Raleigh   (07.07.17)
I guess they'll just blame it on Bibi and carry on.
14. Irrevelant
Steven ,   Rotherham   (07.07.17)
The UN has lost any credibility it had, and its one-sided decisions should be ignored. The Cave of Patriarchs is NOT a Muslim holy site. We Isaac and Jacob and all the others Muslim? No they weren't. Its time the United Nations was abolished, since it only serves as a Muslim propaganda mouthpiece now.
15. Why the hell...
TC   (07.07.17)
do we waste our time with these idiots?

Let them declare whatever they want, who gives a flying f*?
16. so much for oslo and peace
joe   (07.07.17)
UNESCO and others can say what they want. Israel should do what it needs to do to secure itself and its places as feiglin says. to hell with the UN. and gen shamni and reshef along with ehud barak don't know what they are talking about. regional peace if you vote for lapid and life will be fun!! what a bunch of shmucks! lapid and livni are 2 of the biggest morons israel has ever had.
Zushi   (07.07.17)
mira ,   poleg   (07.07.17)
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