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Gaza border communities prepare for future wars
Matan Tzuri
Published: 08.07.17, 21:14
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1. They're perfectly right, but goddamnit: they shouldn't be!
2. I just can't understand that these people agree to pay taxes
to a government that openly craps all over them!
With our professed military might and Gazans total dependence on our goodwill, these
communities shouldn't have to lose ONE MINUTE of their sleep worrying
that the Arabs over the fence will dare to as much as look at them the wrong way!
This is outrage beyond comprehension!
3. #2 No name you don't understand much
BBB   (07.16.17)
The Arab pals can always go back from whence they came namely, several Arab/Muslim nations.
As for 'goodwill' the latest murder of Jews in Israel by palestinians shows there is none on the Arab pals side.
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