Opinion  Alex Fishman
Israel a key player in Syria ceasefire deal
Alex Fishman
Published: 09.07.17, 19:29
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1. so TA is linked to jihadi rebels? what a shock
jack bauer   (07.09.17)
so i guess the turks and the israelis both support extreme sunni fanatics.... who else are sunni fanatics? lets see, isis and al qaeda, and hamas.... well, well, well.
just remember that when you lay down with dogs, dont be surprised if you wake up with fleas.
2. It won't last.
Brad   (07.11.17)
Why? Because Muslims are involved, and when Muslims are involved treaties are useless. Why? Because Muslims spit on treaties that don't benefit them, or that don't benefit them anymore.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (07.12.17)
If the Iranian mullahs come at it then will find others to fight them. If the Sunni mullahs come at her then she will find a solution for them too. Obama created a war on Israel's door step to basically try to corner her. We really do not care weather they are Arabs or Muslims or whatever. None of them reallya at heart want to make peace with us, anyway. We will fight them indirecltlky or directly. This made up war is not about Israel. The 2 super powers just want to sell guns to Muslims.
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