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Chief Rabbinate blacklist of US rabbis points to widening rift
Associated Press
Published: 09.07.17, 13:44
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1. Rabbi Avi Weiss
David ,   Chicago   (07.09.17)
Rabbi Avi Weiss wonders why he's on the list.
His should be the first name on the list!
2. Stop these conversions all the way .
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (07.09.17)
3. Local rabbis
Philip ,   Norther Israel   (07.09.17)
...are "stricter" than the Germans were in those black years , not all that long ago.What sick fools they are.
4. This whole "business" schtinks to high Heavens; something's
not kosher here.... The local voodoo-shamans in high, black hats have gotten "urine up their brains" (as we say here in Holy land)
5. The whole thing is nonsensical.
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba Israel   (07.09.17)
Chief rabbinate again causes damage to Jews and Israel.
Drop the C?R just like the UN.
6. They wouldn't have let Ruth in! Consider that.
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.09.17)
Hmmm, these black hats look very similar to the organized crime family of black hats that are still being arrested in New Jersey. Maybe these rabbis should be investigated. After all, who are they controlling that they have such power? An honest marginal convert is certainly much better for Judaism than a lying criminal black-hatter.

"Will you keep kosher?"
"Will you observe Shabbat?"
"Will you go to synagogue?"
"Will you observe the Torah?"

A wrong answer here and you're out of luck.
But just consider how many Israelis would be 'kicked out' if they had to answer these questions today.

Do we really need (or even want) a high tribunal of rabbis deciding who is a Jew? Wasn't it bad enough that the Nazi did it to us?
7. These guys have no idea of the problems theymake
Geoff menzer ,   Tel Aviv   (07.09.17)
Contrarary to what they may think,evenTHEY cannot exist Ina vacuum.Someone has to support them and their huge famlies.Israel is supposed to be the(potential) home for worldJewry.
In USA for instance,many have no religious affiliations either did many European Jews,but it did not bother Hitler.....
As for the ones who do, they are the ones with the potential to help overturn the antiseitism,BDS, incorrect UN decisions etc.
To insult them is a very short sighted policy.
Israel and all Jewish folk need all the support that they can get.
The religious monopoly of the charedi in Israel must be stopped
8. C'mon what a propaganda piece!
David ,   New york   (07.10.17)
You're wonderieng why avi Weiss is on the list?!?
Maybe it's his school for women rabbis, maybe it's the homosexual board in his temple (maybe he's not orthodox, ya think!)

Seth farber is now a spokesman for the truth
Hasn't he made a career (and good money too) undermining orthodoxy in Israel?

To use an acronym
This piece is F.O.S.
9. Nothing in politics is by chance. Someone must've done the
10. how about BLACKLISTING israeli Rabinate ???
Z.Latz ,   israel   (07.11.17)
MOST of israeli rabbbis are criminals, many are engaged in fooling naive israelis. Just looking at them makes me sick.
11. Writer
David ,   Jerusalem   (07.11.17)
There is no blacklist. Rabbi Farber chose that incendiary term to further his anti-rabbanut agenda, but he chose a terrible time to do it, given the heightened Israel-Diaspora tensions right now.
12. They are destroying Judaism
Eric ,   NYC   (07.11.17)
These Israeli rabbis wish to have ultimate power , just as Isis and the Taliban. They are now excluding perfectly legitimate Orthodox rabbis who are extremely learned and educated just because they want power. To me, their decisions are delegitimizing religion end creating a rift that will never be resolved
13. Israel is not a democracy. It's just Middle East.
Ex-oleh chadash   (07.15.17)
14. "Vast majority of US Jews" Do not belong to ANY synagogue !
USJews?AnyLeft? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.25.17)
As a secular Jew from the US it is ludicrous to say that the
"vast amount of American Jews belong to the Reform and Conservative
Movements" when statistics show that the "vast " majority of
American Jews see no reason to belong to ANY synagogue much
of it by there own choosing and much of it they absorbed from
growing up in the valueless teachings of those two movements
Attending the average Shabbat Service ( when they actually
hold them occasionally ) is more like going to an Anti Haredi
Anti Orthodox Anti Trump Radical Feminist Transgender Rally
and the last two could actually be preaching from the pulpit.
Males have long ago fled en masse from those movements.
A few die hard philanthropists keep many "Temples" alive
with their pumping of monies into the usually empty synagogues
out of a strange sense of "prestige" their names on auditoriums etc.
A Reconstructionist Synagogue in Keene NH which beganas an Orthodox Synagogue now is without rabbinical leadership
but as an incentive to come on its websites states " Our
Restrooms are Gender Neutral" well that should bring a big
crowd in conservative New Hampshire. These movements
should join together but drop "Judaism" from their "moniker"
and just call themselves "Reformists" I have no doubt
this will save their asses as tens of thousands of Anarchists
of all walks will join .
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