Report: Iran arms factory in Lebanon fortified against Israeli airstrikes
Published: 09.07.17, 15:36
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1. One does not need to bomb factory, it is enough to bomb ...
leo ,   us   (07.09.17)
... entrances and do it regularly.
2. iran has nothing to worry about
ed   (07.09.17)
bibi cannot hit these 2 prospective weapons manufacturing sites. he is too timid; so he will beg putin and trump to do it for him. why not shut up and take out the 2 sites.

Of course bibi will not do it.didn't do it against israeli nuclear. didn't wipe out hamas in the last gaza war.

as obama or his advisors have said, bibi is chickenshit.
3. Anyone working in those factories is aready dead.
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.09.17)
Israel has no need to destroy he factories, just their entrances and air shafts. Everyone will die slowly. Will they praise Nasrallah as they realize that nobody will be coming for them?

Yes, go ahead you revolutionary morons. Once all your rocket scientists and engineers are safely underground, Israel will entomb them for a thousand years. At least archaeologists of the future will have something to dig up!
4. Israel needs MOAB - "Mother of All Bombs"
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (07.09.17)
And Israel needs dozens, preferably, hundreds or maybe thousands of MOAB:s. And quite a large number of those MOAB:s should be dropped on those weapon factories in Lebanon.

If Netanyahu fails this time, just like he failed to protect Israel in 2014 against Hamas in Gaza, it's time to replace him.

Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon & Syria and Iran. Israel needs to deal with them, and Israel needs a Prime Minister who can handle them.
5. Obama's legacy: strengthened Iran, strengthened North Korea
C   (07.09.17)
israel will defeat the vile genocidal shia terror regime and its proxy hezbollah.
the western nations did nothing to stop the illegal occupation of
lebanon and of syria by iran and its shia proxies.
they are complicit in the destruction of the middle east and the genocide
of syrians, christians and yadizis.
6. @ 1
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (07.10.17)
Hezbollah has been building up there defenses and offensive capability since Israel has withdrawn. You can play the blame game all you want, but before Obama released Iranian money and before he was elected Hezbollah had tens of thousand of missiles and your government did nothing except state the threat. If you want to blame some one, blame your own government for not destroying Hezbollah when they went to war and appears afraid to fight. If al quada had tens of thousands of missiles in Mexico or even Canada there wouldn't be any more Mexico or Canada. Better yet if Iran publicly stated they where arming Al quada or even the Taliban we would be at war with Iran, so look at the big picture and see how weak and timid your government is,
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