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From a small Petah Tikva square to a nationwide protest
Oded Shalom
Published: 10.07.17, 23:40
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1. Or Bored Mentally Unstable try to bring down the government
TelAvivDisfunctional ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.11.17)
What BS and FAKE NEWS most Tel Aviv "demonstrations" are
attended by the lonely bored and dysfunctional of Tel Aviv going
nowhere in life they take out their bitterness on others. Everyone
knows this is just ANOTHER attempt by the Left to try and
bring down the government dream on cause its only gonna
happen in your dreams. Time to see your shrinks.
2. Unrelenting propaganda for "changing the people" instead of
"changing the government" at the ballot box. Surely there will always be disgruntled citizens from all walks of life wanting something else, something "better" than the government their democratic system has just produced. So friggin' WHAT?! Go get a life.
3. sounds more like a club
zionist forever   (07.17.17)
It sounds like the protest club, its our right to protest, its good to protest, we do not have permits to protest because its our right to protest and more people should do it. They are out all the time protesting over one thing or another be it government corruption or disabled people not a single issue they care about passionately. Probably makes them feel important especially when people on FB contact them. These are probably traditional Tel Aviv leftists who have nothing better to do other than protest.
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