Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Now that Netanyahu has reached the top, the only way is down
Nahum Barnea
Published: 11.07.17, 23:45
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1. Israel is very fortunate to have a PM such as Bibi Netanyahu
Alan ,   SA   (07.12.17)
Why are world leaders and makers standing in line outside his office door.He has done an amazing job......Down shmown!
Carry on the great job Bibi (but please dont swap murdering killers for dead Israeli soldiers BTW .I wud say the same if it were my son-G-d forbid )
2. Hilarious. It insinuates that Barnea at the bottom cannot go
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.12.17)
3. I think Barnea should be celebrating the next, former honcho
of the "Anti-Zionist-Party", Mr. Gabai instead of ranting (as usual) about his nightmare that just won't go away: Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu.
4. Thank you! Brilliant as always ...
And yes of course jumpy dumpty will fall!
5. Barnea
Erik   (07.12.17)
Saw the healine, thought "Oh, what's happened". Then saw that it was written by Barnea (as usual), so forget it.
6. daydreaming..............
tiki ,   belgium   (07.12.17)
So discontented?
So troubled?
So frantic?

Who the hell is he talking about?

The only discontented, troubled & frantic people are those on the left hat keep running behind Bibi for years shouting they will pass him.

7. Why ? Barnea youve been around for a century right ?
BarneaIsAfossil ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.13.17)
oh but I forgot you never reached "the top"
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