Opinion  Smadar Perry
With Iran as the real enemy, Saudi-Israel ties will be based on interests
Smadar Perry
Published: 10.07.17, 20:10
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1. Saudi Arabia
Michael   (07.10.17)
Thsde are giving Israel is the opportunity to be useful idiots. Wow, there benevolence is too much.
2. Israel to Arabia
BBB   (07.12.17)
'With your money and our brains.'
A winning combination.
3. Good analysis; Isr - SA: a limited marriage of convenience
Rafi ,   US   (07.12.17)
Big players in the region remain Iran, Russia, Turkey - and a partially absent US.

Neither Israel nor Saudi Arabia have the land forces to make a lasting impact.
4. something is not kosher
pc and company ,   lehigh fll   (07.12.17)
sorry yo bring this uo butf dont the saudi stiill pay to have israeli soldiers kiddnapped
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