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Report: senior Russian military official meets with Nasrallah
Roi Kais
Published: 10.07.17, 19:33
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1. And what about restoring Lebanons sovereignity?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.10.17)
And dignity?

Back to Lebanon?

And why oh why do the UN SAY NOTHING and look the other way

With Irans gangsters Hezbollah running around in Lebanon as if they owned the place, where Hezbollahs first loyalty are the cronies in Iran, where they obscenely turn South Lebanon into a military dump from which to launch Irans wars from Lebanese territory and where everyday there is the dark threat of Hezbollah forcing a coup inside Lebanon to get its own way and to ensure Irans gateway to the Eastern Med to subjugate Lebanon and to try to thwart Turkey and attack Israel Egypt or Jordan

Living in Lebanon today is like living with a Hezbollah gun to your head 24/7

Once the independent shining star of the levant Lebanon a failed second class state nothing less than a glorified outpost of Iran where even the garbage cant be cleared

But Lebanon is not about to just cave in and give up her freedom and independence anytime soon

History should have taught that to Hezbollah ..but they never learn
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (07.11.17)
Don't worry folks. He is just takign an inventory and making a ncie sale. Then will give the details to Israel to blow it up for a fresh new order. Everyone including the mullahs will get a piece and everyone will be happy. Biz as usual!!! Muslim world lives in a bliss of stupidity!!!
3. Old fat nasty can't actually fight
BUIDL BABY BUILD !!   (07.11.17)
he talks a good game but...
his claim to fame is diving into holes in the ground at the slightest hint of conflict.
4. Hezb asked USSR's protection in case of war vs Israel?
Avi L.   (07.15.17)
What has been the money of exchange?

USSR's A400 umbrella vs Israeli Air Force strikes on Hezballah's missiles positions?

That would be bad news
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