Defying odds, Avi Gabbay crowned new Labor Party leader
Alexander J. Apfel
Published: 10.07.17, 21:25
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1. gabbyt is a fresh face but
joe   (07.10.17)
gabbay can definitely take away votes from lapid and kahlon if he restores labor's security and position on Israeli arab relations. Permitting herzog to remain leader cause gabbay has no seat woud be a giant mistake because herzog is seen as a weak pacifist who has no standing with Israelis. appointing someone stronger would be a first good step.
He must bring in a fighting general, not some armchair air force man like yadlin who doesn't know the battlefield, or some commando in small operations without general battlefield experience.

then he must reorient on reactions with Arabs to stop with concession. peace for peace should be the slogan.

Without these, gabbay will go nowhere and meet the same fate as herzog and rightfully so/ Israelis have had enough of concessions.
2. Arrogance & Ego Mizrachi Jew with Ashkenazi dreams
NewMedia"Star" ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.11.17)
He may be Mizrachi but he has very little in common with the
masses of traditional Mizrachi Jews even his schooling in
Jerusalem was at the once famous Rehavia Gymnasia for
Ashkenazim Elite but more known in his time for being
a school for Anarchists and the Peace Now crowd
The media will now have a new star to push in their
never ending undemocratic attempt to bring down the
duly elected government , he is remembered also
for putting down David Levy saying" I am not like
( that Moroccan ) I am educated he was a laborer"
that will be remembered at the polling booths
he lives and breathes in Tel Aviv what does he
have in common with working people a joke.
3. Avi Gabbay
annie ,   jerusalem   (07.11.17)
Good luck ! Finally a new face ,a new blood !
4. future prime minister?
rivka ,   efrat   (07.11.17)
well said Joe
5. Let Gabai be the last one to switch off the lights at Labor!
That seems to be his "destiny". Hopefully he'll manage to bring back the unmitigated disaster in Israeli politics: Ehud Barak, just to provide the icing on the funeral procession.
6. So amusing: to witness the phony whipped up by the partisan
media atmosphere of "a new day in Israeli politics"! They still think people buy that crap...
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