Opinion  Alex Fishman
How did massive defense deals slip under the public radar?
Alex Fishman
Published: 11.07.17, 19:26
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1. And how exactly do you prove if this or that purchase was
unnecessary?! That's beside the issue of kickbacks.
2. indictment and yaalon
beryl   (07.11.17)
yaalon opines that he thinks bibi will be indicted as there are too many investigations. now yaaon is the prosectuing attorney??? he s houd have done the job in gaza and he did not. he led from behind with gantz, another nondescript general. yaalon talks a good game and intially i supported him. but he showed himself not to be a cool forward looking leader. he is more concerned with philosphy and ethics than he is about achieving war aims. he had his chance and blew it and i will not support him again. leiberman except for a few things is doing an adequate job and the arabs are more afraid of him than yaalon.

anyways, the proecutor and not the cops or yaalon will decide to indict or not to indict. latest polls show yaalon not even entering the knesset.that is the result of his lousy goza performance.
3. Why not use American subs? No way to cheat??
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.13.17)
The USA has the two finest sub-building companies on earth, Ingalls Newport News and Electric Boat. Why is Israel buying subs from Germany? Would contracts with the American companies be too exposed for the likes of the Israeli negotiators? No room for a little grease?

This mess needs full exposure- everyone who worked on any facet of the deal. If anyone was paid off IN ANY WAY (gifts, 'loans', travel, etc.) they need to go to jail for a couple years. The 'Olmert Factor' will of course come into play and the sentences will have to be reduced to almost nothing. Hmmm. I guess that's exactly what the grifters were expecting: if they get caught, there's no chance they'll spend much time in prison. Thank you Israeli courts for causing such damage!
4. 3
zionist forever   (07.16.17)
The US only builds nuclear subs which Israel does not want and the US probably wouldn't sell because they are nuclear powered.
The Dolphins are a fraction of the price of American subs and also the Dolphins are able to operate much closer to the shore than the American ones which are primarily designed to operate in the ocean.
5. 1
zionist forever   (07.16.17)
I would say Bibi would have an easier time proving its necessary than Yallon would have proving its not because the navy want to start operating a fleet of 6 subs. They currently have 5 operational and one is under construction.
If the purchase for these 3 subs had gone through which I very much doubt will happen now then by the time they arrive in 10 years the first 3 Dolphins will have reached retirement age which means there is only a fleet of 3 and they will be approaching midlife.
6. Someone explain why a middle-man is needed for inter-
governmental deals?!
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