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Israel vs. boycott movement: From defense to offense
Itamar Eichner
Published: 12.07.17, 19:14
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1. pals should move and take their BDS with them.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.12.17)
But, the pals love Israel the best nation in the ME.
2. Finally
TC   (07.12.17)
It was about time to bring the fight back to them.
3. Israel can't afford to lose any battle........including this
4. The P.A. is the driving force behind BDS
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.13.17)
It is pointless to fight the Jew bashing BDS movement while supporting the terrorist P.A. The P.A. is the driving force behind BDS. It is simply another P.A. weapon in its war to destroy Israel. Israel must start treating the P.A. as the mortal foe it is.
5. Boycott palestinians
BBB   (07.14.17)
and their supporters.
Kids ,please stay away from Hard Drugs , they turned me into a crazy old antisemite.....
7. Charge and sue the racist b*stards!
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.17.17)
BDS is blatant racist persecution of Jews, and it is illegal under a raft of national laws, throughout the Western World, and international laws. We simply need to apply existing laws. In other words, charge and sue the racist b*stards! Boycott them and shut them down too when applicable. The first monstrously evil BDS organization we should shut down is the P.A.
8. Paul McArtney admitted BDS threatened his life
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.17.17)
Paul McArtney, on of the world's most famous musicians, publicly admitted BDS threatened him with murder if performed in Israel. Of course, McArtney ignored the threats. There is no doubt BDS has made similar threats against other artists. Its time to take off the gloves and treat BDSers as the criminal gangsters they are.
9. Meanwhile Israel booms and Arabs bomb each other.
BBB   (07.18.17)
10. # 8 Dear Chaim
BBB   (07.18.17)
I believe his name is spelled McCarthy. Someone ought to eradicate BDS they are failing but not fast enough
11. Israel's a booming nation despite the terrorists Arab pals.
BBB   (07.18.17)
Other than violence what do the Arab pals have to offer? Nada, nothing, zilch.
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