Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
A former Likudnik is exactly what Labor needs
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 12.07.17, 19:32
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1. Yemini wants Labor to lie to Israel to win
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.12.17)
It has long been noted that leftists would never win elections if they were honest. They need to hide their destructive plans in order to win elections. This is true in America, Israel and everywhere else. It is no surprise Yemini wants Labor to lie to voters in order to win. Voters must remember that Labor is, and always will be a garbage party. Don't be fooled by its lies.
2. Wait, he wants that party to lie?! But that's stealing from
Likud!!! After all: "Only Likud can"....(give back territory to Arabs, return thousands of terrorists for one soldier) ... so on. But you know what? This may just work for the Anti-Zionist party & their Arab cohorts.
3. The Arrogant Bezeq Multi Millionaire Socialist
BezeqBezeqBezeq ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.13.17)
Amazing the amnesia the leftist media has with the Bezeq
scandal and NO mention of Gabai connection and his
leaving after only 3 years with 50 Million Shekels
There is no hell like the hell of the dirty trick leftist Media
everyone knows that ....none whatsoever not even in Hell
who gave him the "Piss Pot Haircut" he looks like
Larry of the Three Stooges
4. Gabay couldn't take ElAl over he took Labour instead
Avi L.   (07.13.17)
On his own way to power, glory and fame, Gabay couldn't take ElAl over, he took Labour instead

Labour will become Gabay's vehicle like the whole of the Country is Bibi's

No program means he will do according to the principle of expediency.

Welcome to the era of tweet government and of politics without policy
5. Why not? The average political IQ of Israeli voter is the
the size of his/her shoes.....So why not a "Likudnik" to lead the Anti Zionsts, a pedophile to run kindergarten, or a schizophrenic to balance the state budget?
Makes perfect sense....
6. New York
Robert Weintraub ,   New York   (07.14.17)
If the article is correct,a similar event happened to the Republican Party in the mid thirties. From 1860 to 1932 the Republican party had one every presidential election but two. One was in 1912 when Wilson. a Democrat, won because a split in the Republican party. The Democrats next won in 1932 in the middle of the Great Depression The Democrats went on to win the next four presidentials. The Republicans under went a radical change and became more and more for big government.This approach brought them only one victory that of Nixon. They went back to the old time religion under Reagan in 1980. They have won four of six presidencies since. Perhaps there is a lesson for the Israeli Labor party as it struggles to find a winning formula. . .
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