Opinion  Yoaz Hendel
Netanyahu vs. Bennett: Who is ‘the real rightist’?
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 13.07.17, 23:31
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1. Bibi's a settlers' agent
Dan   (07.14.17)
There is nothing more to Bibi: settlements, settlements and settlements, in line with his extremist father's vision of a Greater Israel. He has been and remains willing to destroy Israel's international standing, undermine its legitimacy and compromise its survival just so that the settlers' insane dreams can be sustained. Wake up, Israel, if you want to live.
2. This whole concept of parties is worthless, since what
counts is, that no government veers off from the "middle"!? Right or Left,
according to this logic, it must always be "centrist" because.......? Are most of the people "centrist" (as a rule)? I don't think so.... Why should Bibi NOT choose decisive side in this game?
3. Messiah complex
Disillusioned   (07.14.17)
Bennett's actual ability doesn't even begin to match his exceptional arrogance. He is, of course, totally convinced that this third temple will guarantee him a place in the heavenly cabinet.

He is eminently UNsuited to lead the country.
4. labels are not important except for journalists and politico
geroge   (07.14.17)
labels are unimportant. what counts are qualities of character courage and , hard experience. if you exaamine several politicians, bibi has had some hard experience which makes him cautious, overly cautious like in the gaza campaign or his stuttering on building. he is 100% correct in saying palestinians want jaffa.

bennett has personal courage and has had some experience. so his ideas have some merit.

herzog has from waht i can tell no hard experience and he lacks courage which is evident.

gabbay's peace proposals shows that he lacks hard militry experience;otherwise he would not be advancing livni's peace proposals which got israelis under a hale of deadly rockets.
5. stabbing attack at lions gate
jerold   (07.14.17)
recall terrror during olmert livni and before peres rein. there was much more terror during government leaders who offered actual concessions-peres, later olmert and lvini than during bibi and lieberman's rein. guess why- no concessions and tough policy. there are a few terrror events like the attempted stabbibg at lions gate.

if gabbay comes to power, terrror will increase at leasst 10 fold. israelis are not stupid enough to vote gabbay into the pm job, not with his concessions like herzog offered all over the place. if he gains power, get ready for an explosiong of terror and hamastan on the west bank.
6. The issue
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.14.17)
The issue is not that Netanyahu is trying to attract Bennett's voters but that he is trying to prevent Likud voters from deserting to Bennett and to regain ones who deserted. (Likewise, Labor has regained voters from Yesh Atid with a new leader.) Otherwise, the article is correct.
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