Opinion  Nahum Barnea
When power and greed get out of hand
Nahum Barnea
Published: 13.07.17, 20:53
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1. So Nahum: time for the other team to partake in the spoils?
2. For some people
Jon ,   Usa   (07.13.17)
It is not corruption as long as Bibi steal their own money.you have to give it to the traior:he is almost at Trump level. O wonder why he relises so many terrorist so many terrorists???
3. barnea -wait until the prosecutor makes deicisions
jeb   (07.13.17)
before tarring bibi, why don't you wait until all the facts are gathered and the prosecutor weighs in. you were not there to witness these events and you are not the judge and jury. what your articles shows is your hatred for bibi, but more than that , your hatred for yourself.

i am no fan of bibi and would rather see bennett, feiglin or barkat as pm. but to convict the pm in ynet is unjust and barnea should apologize.

4. Israel badly wanted subs. The Germans badly wanted to sell.
Jackieboy   (07.14.17)
Who else was ready to sell subs to Jews? Get real, it was the only game in town and they were ready to go the extra mile. The bribe didn't sell the subs, it was just icing on the cake. Of course it was wrong to take the money, but it was not a loss to Israel, it was a quo, but the quid would have happened anyway. The money should go to the treasury.
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