Opinion  Yoaz Hendel
If only his name were Friedman
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 15.07.17, 23:54
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1. Why doesnt ILuse the fact that HAMAS is imprisoning mental
Alan ,   SA   (07.16.17)
patients in a WORLD PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN instead of working out how many killers can Israel afford to swap for them.
A good London/NY Public Relations company could milk this one easily
That is the problem with Israel-It has no clue about PR when it comes to the Hamas Terroristas.
2. Israeli Gov. Fooled them with Fairy Tales about "holy"land..
Z.Latz ,   israel   (07.16.17)
...lied to them about israel being a home for jews from "everywhere".
They lived a happy peaceful life in Ethiopia for 2000 yrs.Israeli scumbags politicians lied to them about everything and promised everything. The most disgusting promise was how happy they are going to be in their new and "true" home. They had their own way of life, which they developed during 2000 years.Then Israeli government decided to "save" them. From WHOM???
But the blame is not only on israeli government. Ethiopians were extremely naive to believe all the lies and promises. They lived in a different world, a better world, without western civilization's destructional culture, without chemicals loaded processed foods, without major wars. Even many of those Ethiopians who are in their 40s today, would be happy to go back to their country, after seeing the true "happy" life in israel.
3. Calling prejudice where there isn't any for headlines
Elianna ,   Jerusalem   (07.16.17)
Looking for sensation. Simplistic and idiotic. How long did it take to bring Gilad Shalit back? What are you talking about? This man went intentionally to Gaza.
Shame on you for your prejudice against Israeli society .
4. His family do not want the government to do deals
zionist fiorette   (07.16.17)
Only last week his family protested against the idea of the government releasing any terrorists for their son and called on Hamas to release him unconditionally because if his health.
5. I for one, don't get the "conceptual Catch22". Maybe we did
dumb exchanges in the past, but why the heck should we continue with them?! Yes, names count and yes: this is a disgrace on every level. But that is what our governments do to us....
6. this is not true
jerzy   (07.16.17)
ethipian jews are as important as any other jews. it is not easy to get them out of gaza short of taking sinwar and haniyeh captive and tradiing. bibi doesn't have the guts to do it. sharon and mofaz could do it.
7. There is another one
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (07.17.17)
But he is even worse off, a poor Beduin from the Negev,
8. The parents need to change their name and their son's
Rivkah   (07.17.17)
name to Friedman. It doesn't cost much, maybe $50. a person in the USA.
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