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Study finds cancer rates higher among Holocaust survivors
Rotem Elizera
Published: 13.07.17, 15:23
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1. and now compare that with the german soldiers cancer rates
epo   (07.14.17)
... perhaps the main factor is the "crowded living conditions"...

then there should be also a study to look into past-war-army-soldiers (regular drafts, no war)...
(and even later, the vaccinated soldiers)
2. If people would eat a fresh organic lemon daily, peels and
Rivkah   (07.24.17)
all in a smoothie, they would be healthier since lemon peel pulls out radiation, toxins, toxic heavy metals from the body without pulling out the good minerals. A woman past 70 I know has the strength and good looks of a much younger person since she has done that daily for many years.
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