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Egypt approves $2.2 million plan to renovate ancient synagogue
Roi Kais
Published: 13.07.17, 19:30
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1. What a lovely gesture.
BBB   (07.14.17)
Kudos to Egypt.
2. Bring these beautiful but empty Synagogues to Israel
NoBeautifulSynHere!? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.16.17)
All over Europe stand beautiful empty synagogues couldn't with
todays technology bring some of these magnificent synagogues
to Israel instead of restoring them for non existent congregations
that like of Egypt fled or Europe were murdered. The synagogue
situation in Israel is pretty the last beautiful synagogues seem
to have been built by the Baron Rothschild . Israel's synagogues
tend to be "shoe boxes " in style and size. Israel sadly
neglects the importance of the place religious architecture plays
in the life of a nation they are places of pride for religious and non
religious in most countries.
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