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Religious LGBTs photographed with family declare: We no longer feel alone
Liron Nagler-Cohen
Published: 13.07.17, 23:00
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1. What?? So if GD doesn't make mistakes......
Shneerhere ,   USA   (07.14.17)
so we then accept anything, anything goes? How about boys who just can't help themselves exhibiting physical 'love' to children? Are animals fair ga(y)me? GD created Nazis, Amalekites and Hamas bus bombers too. Shall we embrace them with a Jesus loves EVERYBODY gospel??

I Thought we were different, and that the Torah demands we be different. Misplaced utopianism is going to get us all killed, starting with your desecration called a Jerusalem 'Pride' Parade.
2. Accept sin as though no consequence
Phil Nickerson ,   Canada   (07.14.17)
That's the idea! Label this gross sin as acceptable or normal. Yet the God of Israel labels this disgusting act the world loves and pushes, as nothing short of abomination. This is a sin that will also carry horrific ramifications, not only in the present but before the divine tribunal.
3. Torah and Homosexuality
David   (07.14.17)
Milton said Homosexuality was forbidden by Torah. We need to go back and re-read what the Torah actually said rather than what we wish it would say.

Firstly, homosexuality means same-sex love between men and between women. Nowhere does Lev. mention let alone condemn love between women. So much for Torah condemning homosexuality.

Secondly, while the King James version of Lev. states that a man should not lie with another man because it is an abomination, the Hebrew text actually reads "A man shall not lie the lyings of a woman." Taken together with the rest of the chapter, it is obvious that it the passage is not referring to sex but to the way women lay with men, that is, as wives, concubines, prostitutes, and temple prostitutes (i.e. priestesses of fertility gods). In other words, a man must not treat another man as he would a woman, someone who has no say over her own body but must submit to the demands of a man.

Halacha on the other hand outrightly condemns homosexuality, but then, not all of Halacha is based on Torah, isn't it!
4. enough
Yoav segman   (07.14.17)
Enough of the fake news. Instead of real news you are trying to promote Gay agenda try doing real news articles
5. Please hold my iPhone while I barf!
David ,   New york   (07.14.17)
I know that the left is working overtime to destroy all the morality that keeps people unified. With identity politics, everyone is an oppressed minority. They all need the leftist organizers to fight for them (interestingly, this also gives the leftist organizers power over these people)

Yale now has coed bathrooms and if you go to a public high school, you son or daughter may share a locker room with someone of the opposite sex, who feels today that he is a she or visa versa

These guys are jokes
6. Religious dogmas and real life/nature/biology/science will
never really reconcile. That would be against....Gods "will"! :-)) These moments of harmony & acceptance are rare & few in between...
7. BS
Esther ,   Tel Aviv   (07.14.17)
Such BS! Or you believe in the Torah and adhere to it, and make every effort to control your desire, or you don't believe it.
You can't pick and choose what suits you. Torah is not supposed to change for you, YOU are supposed to make every effort to change for it.
Torah is not just about laws, it's also (and mostly!) about working on your character traits, and control yourself and your desires.
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