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Gender separation front targets IDF
Guy Lieberman
Published: 17.07.17, 11:33
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1. What is US Army saying about mixed crews? Is it detrimental
or a boost to the units? That's all we should be concerned with. Nobody that doesn't want to should have to serve in such unit. Otherwise: God's leeches should stay away from these matters.
2. There is no place for women in combat roles
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.17.17)
Other than that there should be no objection for serving in mixed units.
3. Females disrupt male bonding, the most important factor in
Rivkah   (07.17.17)
combat units because male bonding is the reason troops lay down their lives for their friends. Not for country or any other reason but for the brothers in arms they love. Anything that disrupts that male bonding hinders the combat unit in accomplishing the mission. Also, women do not have the bone density that males have, so a muscular woman is weaker than a skinny male. The death rate of males in co-ed combat units in 1948 after Israel became a nation and the Arab States declared war was so high that females were taken out of combat units for many decades after that until being politically correct became government insanity.
4. Mixed sexes is not enough. In order to satisfy the
chronically offended, these units must consist of at least:
4-8 homosexuals (4 lesbians and 4 males)
6% red-haired,
5% left handed,
2-4 cross-eyed individuals and at least one person of unlisted sexual orientation.
Hermaphrodites should be made brigadiers from the moment of conscription!
5. He pulls out his cards, as he is about to lose
Steven   (07.28.17)
His support rates in america are so low, so he just does some racist thing to get more support. But soon, the investigation will end, the donald will be sent to jail and we will perhaps get a better president than crooked hillary or the russian spy.
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