Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Temple Mount metal detectors won’t help
Nahum Barnea
Published: 17.07.17, 18:56
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1. Who will he blame if weapons still get through?
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.17.17)

Any place that allows thousands of people to congregate has metal detectors: concert venues, shopping malls, airports, public buildings, etc. The Mount is no exception. By their actions the Arabs have proven that they can neither be civil nor trusted. They should be thanking their lucky stars that airport x-ray machines weren't brought in.

I find it funny, in a very pathetic sort of way, that the Muslim 'leaders' are calling for 'rage' about the new security measures- even though it was their own who killed the policemen!

I'm not a politician, but common decency and security demanded that the Mount be closed, and I would have closed it for a month. There are plenty of other mosques these 'observant' Arabs can attend.

But now precedent has been set. Every time an Israeli is murdered by a terrorist, the Mount must be closed. And every time it is closed, it must be for a longer period of time.

If the Arabs don't see the inside of the mosque for a year, it will only be because Israelis were killed.
2. There could be a stampede. That's their problem.
Jackieboy   (07.17.17)
Hundreds of thousands pass through turnstiles at football games. They don't usually try to get killed.
3. Article makes no sense - metal detectors are necessary
Daniel ,   Los Angeles   (07.18.17)
If there need to be long lines, there need to be long lines. The article against long lines is like saying we would let people into an airport without security checks if the line got to long. That is why we have police at the airport, to make sure people don't bypass security checks. The police found explosive material when they searched the compound. The situation could have been much worse with so many people in a small and sensitive area.
4. How about 'no Muslims allowed?'
BUIDL BABY BUILD !!   (07.18.17)
The same treatment for Muslims as the Muslims have for Jews.
Fair and balanced and equal.
No Muslims means no blood shed.
( except for the ongoing war on Muslims by Muslims.)
5. # 1 David or
BBB   (07.18.17)
Move the mosque to Mecca.
Make way for the Third Temple.
What say ye?
6. metal dectors at temple mount
sas ,   ashdod israrl   (07.19.17)
t agree if the arabs donoy want togo through the the dectores I sugest they all go to meca lock stock send all of them with only the clothes they wear
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