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Soros and Hungarian anti-Semites: Almost one and the same
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 17.07.17, 23:44
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1. Sorry. Soros is a decent man.
rt43   (07.17.17)
Zizek and the rest of the disinformants have got no credibitlity.

Soros financed giga projects in Hungary. Outperforming even Szechenyi.

He does not approve the Israeli policy. It is his right.

He is not the enemy. Orban is.
DR .PEPPER ,   SAFED MEDICAL   (07.18.17)
That is the dilemma....
That the good die young.
Yo , join in the chorus ,this is about George Soros , he aint for us , but his behaviour does bore us , a relationship one can't forge ,with a hater like George ,this message aint coded , but Soros is seriously loaded ,,his actions always stank ,but he has more money than the bank ,Soros lives in a bubble ,and he is always making trouble , he needs medication from a nurse ,his presence in the world is a curse ,that's the end of my verse.
5. Soros is one sick puppy. Problem is : he's stinking rich &
has real global power. I say, he should be neutralized, preferably in the financial terms ( I said: preferably!)
6. Soros: immensely wealthy, immensely grandiose
C   (07.18.17)
soros suffers from serious delusions of grandeur.
his huge wealth allows him to indulge his delusions.

soros funds large numbers of think tanks and ngo's.
all are anti-american and anti-israeli.

among others, soros funds the ploughsares fund which was instrumental
in helping the obama regime to negotiate and sign the fake iran deal.

soros has never contributed to jewish or israeli cause
on the contrary, he funds the anti-israel j-street and new israel fund.

the hungarian antisemites should stop their obsession with soros.
they should rather concentrate on improving their own country
and their own lives. jew hatred has never helped anyone.
7. Soros-Hitler
yosef ,   jerusalem-florida   (07.18.17)
There is nothing worse, than self-hating Jews - from Karl Marx all the way
to this despicable money-bags Soros...
8. Time to go
Oleg ,   Florida USA   (07.18.17)
This criminal Jew lived too long. He creates nothing and builds nothing. At the age of 86 he is not going to survive long. His place in hell is ready. He is a self hating Jew. By hating his own kind he thinks he will get more friends and influence. He is just a filthy NYC SUBWAY RAT.
9. Soros doesn't operate in vacuum, he has many all too eager
fellow travelers & fellow Jews equally blinded by self-hate, "progressiveness" and the eternal wish to "better the world" at any cost! But in a nutshell: another nasty Jew. We've survived worse.....
10. Soros, Jobbik, Iran, "Palestinians" & antisemitism
tiki ,   belgium   (07.18.17)
Partners in evil.
11. Soros HATES Israel...we HATE him !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.18.17)
12. This is the story from Sores' biography on why he is anti-Se
eddie ,   cape   (07.19.17)
This is the story from Sores' biography on why he is anti-Semitic::: :

In about 1939 he was sent by his father to study at the London school of economic. Later, the money was blocked from Europe so he could not pay the fees which left him short of money for living.

He then took a job as a labourer on a building construction site and unfortunately had an accident at work..

He approached the Jewish community for assistance but they refused to give him money suggesting he could claim from workmen's compensation etc.

He was then immediately contacted by a Christian organisation which gave him some assistance and never forgave the Jews for this.
13. AntiZionism: israel was created using terrorism and crimes
Z.Latz ,   israel   (07.19.17)
this is why Soros against Israel. Because he knows the ugly truth how state of israel was created. Generations of israelis grew up learning in schools lies how "their" country was created and built. Even before 1948, zionist leaders used pretty fairy tales to hypnotize thousands of young jews in europe to convince that Palestine is waiting for them, that all of the land is empty and ready to build jewish settlements. They believed. They came. They stayed. And ALL of them realized they were fooled. Then 90% of them went back to where they came from, or to North America, South America and South Africa. The remaining jews got involved in bandits and terrorism against Palestinians. They were stealing land. In 1948 entire arab villages were annihilated by israeli army. That's how israel was "born". Soros knows this ugly truth. He has all the rights to hate israel. And he is not the only jew who has similar opinions on israel. There are hundreds of thousands. And the more truth is being exposed the more anti-israelism will grow.
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