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Hamas asks Algeria permission to set up shop in capital
Elior Levy
Published: 17.07.17, 20:01
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1. Are Hamas?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.17.17)
1. Making plans to cut and run now their pockets are lavishly lined

2. Have they got wind that THE WINDS OF CHANGE are about to blow in Gaza?

3. Have they milked Gaza so dry there is nothing left to wring out..perhaps they can carry on milking Algeria instead

4. All of the above

The PA in the West Bank in any case to all intents and purposes prop up the machinery of government financially in even if Hamas were to disappear into thin air, Abbas, the PA and Palestinians in the West Bank will never abandon them

2. "An effort to avoid concentrating leaders in one country"
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (07.17.17)
This could only mean one thing: Hamas expects one last round of fighting with Israel and Hamas expects that it will lose this final confrontation with Israel and that they (the Hamas leadership) need a safe haven to perpetuate their terrorist organization.

Sounds a little bit like the PLO of the past which was based in North Africa as well.
IRANIAMN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (07.18.17)
ISIS will start there soon too. It is all about branding. I guess these guys are finally understanding that Jihad is a great business anywhere. Lokk at Iran! Jihad is just a great product that they want to force on anyone ort anywhere.
4. Hamas LEAVING?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.18.17)
Hip hip hooray

Bon voyage and GOOD RIDDANCE

Rest assured they will have cleared the barrel of every penny they can get their clammy hands on

Maybe now a chance to heal the PA and Gaza hostility so that at last we can negotiate UNITED WITH ONE VOICE to Palestinian statehood FOR ALL

And an end to years of PA patience with Hamas where the PA were paying for Gaza WITH NO SAY in policy and just hostility and abuse in return

Maybe now a chance for Gaza to recover from years of Hamas corruption and destruction?

The people of Gaza HAVE HAD ENOUGH

5. Hamas to Algeria May I also ruin your nation?
BBB   (07.23.17)
Hamas says Look at the trail of dead bodies I've left behind while now being thrown out of all nations but, Algeria.
Kiss of death.
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