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Israeli student steals items from Auschwitz for art exhibit
Yehuda Shohat, Ariela Sternbach
Published: 18.07.17, 23:42
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1. If everyone behaved like her, Auschwitz would disappear.
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.19.17)
Her thought process is so warped, it defies understanding. Didn't her parents ever tell her, "Don't take anything that doesn't belong to you!" Is this what art students do today? "Hey, after class, lets go steal a couple meters of parchment from the Shrine of the Book!"

Stealing is wrong. Stealing from a museum is double wrong. Stealing from a museum dedicated to the Holocaust's dead is so absolutely wrong it almost makes me sick to my stomach. "Oh boy! I found a tooth! It'll be the focus of a pretty collage I'm going to make!"

The woman is the typical product of today's education system: "ME ME ME ME ME. I'm important. I can do whatever I want. I chose the laws I will obey."

Can you imagine if she tried to steal something from the Dome of the Rock? Waqf: Miss, what on earth are you doing?
"Oh, like, I'm doing an art project, and, you know, I needed something really cool and old, so I took that little bone you had in a cage. I needed to feel its humanity so I broke it into little pieces and put into a cup of pudding. Powerful statement, right?"
Waqf: Miss put the revered bone back in the little cage before I have some young men assist you, ok? And please, don't ever feel the need to return. (Oy vey! With Jews like this Israel will self-destruct. We just have to wait them out.)

Everything she's said and done is so wrong on so many levels, I don't know if it's possible to knock some common sense into her, but someone should try!
2. She's got one thing right though: Holocaust WILL become
a myth. Much faster than we imagine.
If you don't believe me, just take a look at the myth of Arab Palestine/ the UNESCO-activities & so on.
How many years did it take to fabricate & take hold?
Believe me: the so called "World" has much stronger, vested interest in making sure that the blotch on its conscience (Holocaust) shall disappear ASAP!
3. At her tender age she's already internalized the MAIN THING:
there's no bad publicity! In the field of "Art/History" making a name for oneself is what differentiates one from the general "mob"... Besides that, she's a thief. Period.
4. no excuse. ultimately disrespectful to the victims z"l
Rafi ,   US   (07.19.17)
One cannot randomly take reasonable rules into one's own hands.

There may be some mental/ emotional issues involved here...
5. At Beit Berl & Betzalel all is justified in the name of "ART
TheArtsyFartsyCrowd ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.19.17)
paintings of the Prime Minister in a noose or beheaded these
are all considered by the anarchist left which sadly dominates
the "Arts" scene today as "artistic statements" But if done
if done by any other sector howls of hate and calls for "justice" and prison would be heard.We forget that those self righteous of the Artsy Fartsy Crowd
that always claim they represent progressive and liberal
ideas have selective amnesia when it comes to the fact
that in Nazi Germany and Nazi Occupied Europe as a
whole 90% of the "liberal" community stayed on and
worked painted sang and filmed for the Nazis
French singers entertained SS Nazi Troops Edith
the most selfish self aggrandizing egoistical arrogant
of mankind we need to stop making exceptions for them
6. Thieving to make grotesque "art". Self-promotion
Jake   (07.19.17)
7. Thou shalt NOT steal
BBB   (07.19.17)
8. The tragic fate of Otto Warmbier
Cathy ,   Modiin   (07.21.17)
Otto Warmbier, a University of Virginia (USA) student was sentenced in 2015 to 15 years hard labor for stealing a propaganda banner in a hotel in North Korea to bring back to hang in a church, and even his sincere apology and pleading was to no avail, he was returned to USA in a coma after a year in prison. A terrible tragedy. People need to be aware and take heed of the punishment for stealing, in different countries, the results could be fatal.
9. petty thief
Mimi   (07.21.17)
You're not asking any questions, silly girl, you're stealing, plain and simple. There will be indeed nothing left for the future generations to witness if other people get the same idea to "rationalize" their itchy fingers.
10. Students at Bezale Arts School hate Religious Jews
ArtSchoolOfHate ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.25.17)
a morning television program here today interviewed religious
students at the Bezalel School of the arts and they described
how they are shunned and boycotted made to fee unwanted
there this is obscene as the school was originally founded to
restore the arts of the Jewish Nation with its many stories
and themes to translate into art and now that is in that
school and anathema except that is "art" to denigrate
Israel and Jews Post Zionist teachers and students and
Palestinian Arabs now control the schools agenda and
have for many years and all this paid for by the
Israeli Jewish taxpayer yet another irrational aspect
of Israel's anti Jewish immoral irrational and Anarchistic politics .
This is the same school that depicted the Prime Minister beheaded and again with a hangman's noose.
The powers that be politicians had better start looking around at the changing Jewish demographics Mizrachim Traditional Religious National
Religious Haredi not for much longer will the Jews of Israel
accept irrational immoral demoralizing decisions that destroy
the Jewish Soul. The Secular Post Zionist era is over and a note
for the Palestinians 60% or more of Israeli Jews are from ,
Arab countries with a similar mentality in many ways and
will not hesitate unlike their Ashkenazi cousins to answer
Arab violence in kind. This is a new and different Israel.
11. All Israeli Tourists Steal
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.29.17)
It's seem like it is the norm when visiting hotels or guest houses. Towels pillows, pillowcases, ashtrays, glasses, cups and cooking utensils. I never could figure out why they had this entitlement attitude and the extent of it until I started visiting this site. Then it hit me. They don't think it is stealing. They think the world owes them everything. If I see an group of Israelis coming into my place I tell them we have no vacancies. I and many hotels in the area don't want their stealing or loud, arrogant attitude. My other guests, many who have experienced Israeli behavior, come up and tell me that they agree. No one wants them around.
12. I don/t condone stealing but ?
ernst kleinman ,   kansas city   (07.31.17)
I/m biased, my father survived auchshvitz, and other members of my family survived the holocaust as well. In reality these death camps belong to the surviving members of this horror house. Not one euro nation , can make up for the losses we incurred.Morally. spiritually, and financially , the jews were broken after ww2.Poland was , and still is a notoriously anti- semitic country, despite what it/s leaders say.Yes there are Poles supportive of jews and Israel , but they are a minority. This woman ,yes , stole , what did not belong to her . But did the polish government ever compensate , any of her family members after the war .I think not ! food for thought
13. # 12 so that okays her theft?
BBB   (08.02.17)
Hell no!
14. Amen Mimi!
BBB   (08.02.17)
Breaking a commandment is wrong any way you slice it.
15. Next time steal the hope diamond not Jewish historic legacy.
BBB   (08.02.17)
16. She's a thief "Thou shalt not steal" means nothing to her?
BBB   (08.02.17)
Return the items or, go directly to jail.
17. Rotem Bides
Tova ,   Canada   (11.27.17)
you are living in Auschwitz. Taking those items will torment your life. Your grandparents would be very upset with what is happening to you. You are also denying each generation to learn the history of Auschwitz. If continue to think too much about the holocaust the torment will nevery leave you.

You life is your own. You are here because your grandparents survived. You betray yourself . Jewish history does not begin with Auschwitz. Jewish history and persecution began with Abraham, Isaac, Moses all they through 5,000 years.

If you do not get some serious help you will inflict your pain onto your children. You must take your mind out of the darkness and look towards the future.
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