Opinion  Alex Fishman
Sailing after the money
Alex Fishman
Published: 18.07.17, 19:53
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1. Oh, so now the "Only Not Bibi"-zombies are experts at what's
the proper size of boats to defend the rigs? Go Bibi, grind them into dust....!
2. In the lust to get rid of Bibi
Jackieboy   (07.19.17)
They lost the subs. Happy now? Iran, Iran, Iran.
3. we want germany to subsidize ships so we let Egypt buy subs
zionist forever   (07.20.17)
For nearly 10 years now the navy has been wanting new ships to replace the Saar 4.5 ships that are being retired. The 3 SAAR 5 ships are currently the youngest ships in the fleet and they are nearly 25 years old.
At first they wanted the US Littoral Combat Ship but that was to expensive. Then they considered building under license in Israel old design German ships. Then they looked at building a stretched SAAR 5. In the end Germany & South Korea bid and Germany offered 4 ships at a substantial discount. Assuming Israel did not object to Germany selling Egypt subs because the German government was going to subsidize the cost of ships we needed. Usually we have a say in what weapons the US sells to the arabs but we did not object to the US selling about 100 F15s to Saudi Arabia because we wanted the F35.
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