WATCH: IDF exposes network of Hezbollah border posts
Yoav Zitun
Published: 18.07.17, 21:00
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1. Israel's northern borders have never been so dangerous
C   (07.18.17)
hezbollah, the shia terror regime's proxy, is in both lebanon and in
syria. they are obviously preparing for a war of aggression aginst
the jewish state. they have well over a hundred thousand
advanced missiles aimed at all parts of israel.

russia is on in syria, most notably in darra and next in quinetra.
the russian deployment will prevent israel from defending
herself from the iranian and other shia terrorists
active in syria.

iran is being allowed by trump and putin to establish a military
highway all the way from iran through syria to lebanon.
the so called cease fire deal between putin and trump
does not require iran to leave syria or hezbollah to leave
the borders of israel. very bad.
2. Where are the Christians of South Lebanon?
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (07.19.17)
Southern Lebanon was inhabited by Maronite Christians
It now seems that the "indigenous" people are Shia Hizbolla
Guess they were ethnically cleansed
Does anyone give a damn?
3. israel refuses to smash hezbollah
jerzy   (07.18.17)
instead of eliminating all border posts, Israel continues documentation and pleadings to the united nations, which is a waste of time. that is why Hezbollah doubts that idf would respond with an annihilation strategy against Lebanon.

bibi, gabbay and herzog would not take action. and history teaches it will cost more to take out hezbollah later. bennett could do it.bibi cannot.
4. hisbolla in lebanon
sass ,   ashdod israel   (07.19.17)
snash the obsavison posts and to hell to the un
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