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Gaza health care suffers as Palestinian factions play blame game
Published: 19.07.17, 11:30
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1. If only the pals
BBB   (07.21.17)
treated their people as well as they treat their CEO violent well paid head terrorists.
Abbas Mashal, Hamas Muslim Brotherhood, Hezb'allah, ISIS etc. etc.

The Arab pals are used as human collateral by cruel heartless monsters.
Never investing in any good thing for their supposed people. It's a money making Murder Inc. Arab style while their people suffer endlessly.
2. FB Josh yes, too much inbreeding
BBB   (07.21.17)
causes some irreversible mental disorders.
A vicious circle.
Some real heart breakers among them, weak minded congenital idiocy, no depth perception etc.
3. cystic fibrosis inheritance risk
Mark ,   London   (07.22.17)
Isn't it a bit irresponsible to have six children they are clearly at risk when both parents carry the faulty gene?
4. Sad that the sins of the fathers
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.22.17)
Truly sad that a forgotten part of the commandments ( the second of the Ten Commandments) states,
"Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy
G-d am a jealous G-d, visiting the iniquity of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of them that hate G-me; and shewing mercy unto thousands that love me, and keep my commandments.'

This unending cycle of murdering G-ds chosen has grave repercussions.
It is very sad indeed.

Children suffer most and their parents with them. This is however preventable except for the hatred the Arab pals have been taught when taught to hate Jews.
5. Good!
Brad   (07.24.17)
That's what you get when you vote for terrorists to run your government. Let the Muslims do the suffering and dying for a change, instead of Jews and Christians. And don't send any money to them. You'll just be funding terrorism now, and any kids you save will be terrorists in less than 20 years.
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