Opinion  Yoaz Hendel
Israel’s ‘associates’ industry
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 20.07.17, 20:58
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1. This business has been around from day one of our country's
existence. Then it was the "People's Party" hacks grabbing all the money/property/valuables. Now it's "the best man first" in the proud, capitalist tradition. The big "sin" is of course, being found out.
2. Scandal Free Media Moguls and Tv Presenters ....?!
NoMediaCriminals? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.24.17)
Isnt it wonderful with all the scandals there stands out one community
as pure as the driven snow the Media Mogul Elites and the
TV "News Stars" we know NOTHING of these people who
invade our living rooms nightly what a hermetically secret
life they lead and they must be the most honest and pure
of humans ever created whats their secret to sainthood ?
please tell us ?
3. Yoaz Hendel you are part of the problem
SufferingJewishPublc ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.24.17)
One day a patriot the next day ...confused at best this is not healthy
for a nation facing existential problems bad enough the media
is dominated by the Post Zionists squabbling politicians and Military Leaders
leading the Arab world to view Israel as self destructive and waiting out our end. The poor demoralized Israeli public who daily have their Jewish Pride
trampled on 24/7 by the above your confused "laflaf" positions only add to the problem .
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