Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Finding a compromise in the Temple Mount crisis
Ron Ben Yishai
Published: 20.07.17, 18:30
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1. why are you so worried about your enemy?
david ,   new york   (07.20.17)
you are already thinking about how you are going to "compromise" and make things so as not to offend palestinian hegemony over the temple mount.

why are you begging?
they are the ones who are out on a limb (clearly, metal detectors are needed and there is no sane argument not to have them)
let them beg from you
2. So how do you orevent weapons being taken to Temple Mount?
Mike Druttman ,   Hod Hasharon   (07.20.17)
Two innocent policemen paid with their lives the lack of proper security here. Removing the security devices will prompt other terrorists to repeat the event.
3. No compromise with Muslims. Get rid of the Aksa abomination.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.20.17)
4. Many mosques require you to go through a metal detector
Barnet ,   Pooler   (07.21.17)
Try to go into the mosque in Istanbul without going through a metal detector
What's the big deal
5. What "compromise", what "crisis", what IS THIS?!
6. Murder of 2 Police was designed to start Intifada.Dont fall
Alan ,   SA   (07.20.17)
for this trick.It is something like Sharon visit to Temple Mount We dont know the correct solution,but it is obvious that a "build up" of tensions is being encourage by all the terro types.I do think that as per all the Pal provocations a REGIONAL APPROACH is called for.The provocators are trying to set off an ARAB SPRING MARK 2 which is intended ALSO to sweep through the surrounding countries. I am sure that from their place in Hell, the 3 criminals are rubbing their hands in glee as their dastardlly conceived plan is coming together!. Unfortunately the regional states let the Pals run riot like spoilt children and step back from ANY action that would bring the Pals to heel. This applies to peace plans as well.The magnetometers are not the plan for now.
7. What is needed is for Israel to assert her rights strongly
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.21.17)
The last thing Israel should do, is follow Yishai's foolish advice, and drag other nations into Israeli internal matters concerning our own sole tiny Homeland. Can you imagine any other nation doing that? You can take Yishai (and leftist Jews) out of the ghetto, but good luck taking the ghetto out of Yishai.

What is needed is for Israel to assert her rights strongly, and irrevocably, to the Temple Mount, Judea and Samaria and all the rest of our land.
8. Add more gates!
Amit ,   Be'er Sheva   (07.22.17)
Add more gates - at the gates of the old city.
Israel should also innovate - improve on current solutions for airport / stadium security.

Treat the whole of the old city like an airport.
9. Yishai is not rational.
Brad   (07.22.17)
The Temple Mount was already open before, and the Muslims got violent anyway. That means two things. Closing the Temple Mount isn't the problem, and opening up the Temple Mount won't make things any better. Compromise is not needed and it only shows weakness which will result in more violence and demands from Muslims. The problem, the crisis, the violence, etc., can be summed up in one word. Muslims. That's the word, and that's what we need to get rid of if we really want peace.
10. Is Yishay joking? Under his thinking Israel may as well
Incredulous   (07.23.17)
completely cede Jerusalem to the Arabs. Is this guy for real? He sounds like a mouth piece for our enemies.
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