Muslims clash with police at Temple Mount, ahead of Friday's 'day of rage'
Hassan Shalan
Published: 20.07.17, 22:19
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IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (07.21.17)
DON'T TAKE GUNS TO THE MOSQUES! You can jump uo & down all you want, but that is teh last time you are taking guns with you to your prayer. It is amazing to see how Muslims do nto learn anything from what is going on around them.
2. misinformation
steve s   (07.20.17)
The Lions' Gate is not an entry onto the Temple Mount. The Lions' Gate is one of seven gates which enter Jerusalem Old City through it's perimeter wall. Once in the Old City there are 11 gates which enter the Temple Mount compound, which is also walled (10 gates for Muslims, 1 gate for non-Muslims). The clashes reported in this article are at the entry to the Old City.
3. Hold firm & set these Koran kids straight on the matter
Cameron   (07.21.17)
4. I wonder when exactly
Will the final 'day of rage' be the last one before the Mosque is closed dismantled, and sent to ?? Jordan? Mecca? Patagonia?

As long as it isn't in Israel.
Moshe Dayan's biggest error was allowing the damned thing to be left standing on Israel's holy site.
Not for much longer...
The Third Temple will be built !!
5. How dumb can we get? The answer is blowing in the wind...
6. How do you avoid such "clash?You remove one side of equation
either the police or the Muslims. I guess it's a tough choice for our PM...hmm, let me think....
7. palestinian arabs are just good at violence
ed   (07.20.17)
palestinian arabs we have to admit are just good at wreaking violence and mayhem. they are in pretty good shape and violence is second nature to them. how easy is it get them on the street with p ipe bombs, tractors, cars, machetes, 10 inch blades, carl gustav rifles, and ieds and belts. they should be fighting isis.

only jewish ingenuity, asymmetrics,and disproportionate force can gain the upper hand. and rabbis have their role to fortify the troops spiritually and historically.
8. gabbay, lapid,and lastly bibi will abandon magnetometers
marcel   (07.21.17)
under pressure, these 3 would and bibi will abandon magnetometers. why? They are all scared of mass protests.

bennett, feiglin, maybe barkat, livni would stick with magnetometers. perhaps the idf soldiers would be alive today. think about that when you vote in the next elections.

incidentl, aside from security checks, if you review the video, the 2 idf soldiers did not cover the alleeway entrance,their backs were turned talking to another soldier seated in a crevice ingress. Cover your flanks please.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (07.21.17)
CENTURY! This chrade is just anotehr reason for unemployed Palis to get on the steeets, and do somehting. This pattern never going to end unless soem dicrator like Assad or Iranian mullah steps in and kills a bunch.
10. apparently, Muslims have been on a day of rage for1400 years
david ,   hadera   (07.21.17)
11. moisherabeynu
moishe   (07.21.17)
a proper fri morn islam prayer site should have riots and people injured or killed. should be achieved through peacefull means as islam is the religion of peace...or that is what is claimed. nothing gained. pity.
12. Make our foes pay a harsh price for their violence
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.21.17)
"Palestinians" use violence for the simple reason that Israel allows it to work. More often that not, Israel's leaders back down in the face of "Palestinian" violence and give them what they want. That is the problem.

The solution is obviously to do the opposite. Make our foes pay a harsh price for their violence. The long term solution is carrot and stick incentives to foster mass "Palestinian" departure from our land.
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