Three Palestinians killed in 'day of rage' riots
Ynet writers
Published: 21.07.17, 19:13
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1. Until terror stops, thy can pray in the street.
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.21.17)
Never reward terror. The metal detectors must remain. If they don't like it, they can pray somewhere else.
2. The Arab World Respects Strength& those who have Self Respec
ShldHavHappndYrsago ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.21.17)
Sadly it took a Trump to stand up to the power of Medias and Leftist
governments around the world for BiBi to follow and take the
lead 50 years Israel has been see sawing around the Temple Mount
settlements and trampling on the pride of the people which caused
untold suffering and disillusionment and demoralization among most Jews
and boldness and arrogance among the Arabs within and without Israel
emboldened by their complete lack of comprehension of the concept
of weakness indecision and lack of national pride by the Israeli Jew
and no wonder you couldn't blame them nightly our media broadcasts
the concepts of fear over and over again the word heard is " is there
not fear of this or that for the Arab that is incomprehensible that a
nation or people so described nightly on its news could possibly survive
the picture they have been getting is of a fearful and terrified Jew
now is the time to stand proud and finish the job of securing safe
borders for the homeland and bringing and end to the violence
in Eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods its called "pacifiying" them
in military terms moving more Jews into the historic and religious
epicenter of Jerusalem allowing prayers on the mount by Jews
Since Israeli leaders have begun to take on EU and hostile nations
Israel has almost disappeared from headline news. Pride and a bit
of Power have succeeded keep up the momentum
3. Pride and Power are understood in the Arab World
Pride&PowerWORK ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.21.17)
we have had too little of it over the last fifty years bring back
the Military Parades around the Old City like after the Six Day
War Pacify hostile neighborhoods A Tur Wadi Jose Silwan and
other neighborhoods that are violent
4. metal detectors at all settlements exits, a must
observer ,   Egypt   (07.21.17)
no more killings of Arab youth by settlers
5. Rioters and ragers
Jeff   (07.21.17)
Rioting and throwing stones? What, again? Oh dear. Is there anything else these people excel at?
6. some of these photos
steve s   (07.21.17)
Some of the photographs accompanying this article are "file" shots which I have seen before over the years. They are not current shots of the situation in Jerusalem. Shame on YNet!
7. Netanyahu should remove the metal detectors
Adler J   (07.21.17)
The Temple Mount must be respected by Jews and
Muslims. Peace for muslims & jews.
Peace Peace Peace Peace Peace..Salam Salam
Salam Salam Salam Shalom Shalom Shalom
Shalom Shalom
8. of course gabbay is agaist magnetometers
jay   (07.21.17)
lets all hold hands and love each other, forget about magnetometers, so say gabbay and bar level almost like a reflex. this you could have predicted in your sleep. gabbay herzog, they are all the same. life will be fun again, we are tired of fighting remember olmert said this. those 2 soldiers would be alive today if there were magnetometers, more than likely.
9. Rooting - 2dead - understandable
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (07.21.17)
Rioting for the right to kill Israeli police officers -
Doesn't make sense
10. let them bark like dogs!
joe ,   new york   (07.21.17)
let them go fuck them self!!!
11. No explanation,only violence
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.21.17)
I'm yet to hear a cogent reason from the Arab instigators as to WHY the metal detectors should be removed.

They might stop weapons but they don't stop prayer.It's the usual thing,Jews mustn't defend themselves.

As we say in Britain,they cut of their noses to spite their faces.

12. Remove Muslims away from all civilized habitats. Start with
Land of Israel.
13. To #1
mark ,   USA   (07.21.17)
And to hose that incite, they should have to pray in the streets of Gaza.
14. We need Peace
Ben Gordon ,   Migdal Haemeck   (07.21.17)
Get the Muslems off our holy site !!!!!!!
Then move all the Mosques from our holy land!!!!!!
Peace, real peace!!!!!!!!
15. Notice who's inciting the Arabs.
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.21.17)
Why are young Arab men so easily incited to violence? Could it be the decades of demonization of Israel and incitement to jihad by the PA media, the Imams in the mosques, and their warped 'educational' system?

Remember the little Muslim boy that an Israeli hospital healed and when his mother was interviewed, she said she was so happy because now her son could grow up to be a martyr!! What mother in the world thinks like that??

Since Muslim culture is warped, it's up to Israel to bring normality to public spaces- and that means metal detectors.

Isn't it curious that Muslims are having a hissy fit about the metal detectors? Considering that if it weren't for Muslim terrorist attacks across the world, nobody would be using them! It's precisely due to Muslim terror that metal detectors are now used everywhere. The Temple Mount should have had them years ago.

If the Muslims find passing through the detectors is unbearable, they are welcome to go pray in Ramallah, or Syria or Gaza.

The metal detectors must remain. If the Arabs find it unpalatable, they are welcome to leave. Either be civil or be gone.
16. stupid title. 3 terrorists killed while trying kill police O
DAVID   (07.21.17)
17. Troops, not police
diamond ,   US   (07.21.17)
They shoot cops and then whine and riot about metal detectors? In any Arab country they would be disappeared long ago. Israel needs to do the same or This crap will never end.
18. Day of rebellion
Franklin Paredes ,   Quito, Ecuador   (07.21.17)
Satan kills by two twisted ways: suicide and rebellion
Palestinians have choosen rebellion, hope they will not choose suicide
19. pray facing Cairo ....
steve s   (07.21.17)
In Ohad Zwigenberg's photo used in the article, those kneeling in prayer are in fact facing Cairo, not Mecca. Visible in the background is the golden Dome of the Rock and to it's left the grey dome of the al-Aqsa Mosque. The mosque is due south of the Dome of the Rock. Mecca is southeast of the Dome of the Rock. Those people praying are facing west ...... towards Cairo.
20. Majority Muslim Arabs only complain, be violent and
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.21.17)
fanatic about so-called Islamic religion - the extremist Islamic religion, that is.
When has there been a case of many Muslim Arabs helping their wounded
neighbors from Syria. No, only the Israeli's are there helping at the border.
There may be one or two exceptions now and then, but they are very rare.
Why do the extremists only believe in incitement, violence, hate and bloodshed. The only time they are celebrating is when they kill a Jew. Weird.

May be it is a mass psychological illness - bipolar ??
21. Stone throwers ARE TERRORISTS, Mr. Moron Trump !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.21.17)
22. NO DEAL, MR. MORON TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.21.17)
23. they chanted:we'll give our lives for al aqsa. now they have
C   (07.21.17)
normal people do not want to die because of metal detectors.
obviously, these arab muslims are not normal people.
24. mass hysteria in the streets over metal detectors
Cameron   (07.21.17)
Friggin' absurd.

Medieval mindset & wiring.
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