Deadly Halamish attack hits family celebrating grandson's birth
Rotem Elizera, Yoav Zitun, Shahar Hay & Elior Levy
Published: 22.07.17, 18:37
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1. Why no guns
Jack ,   Atlanta   (07.22.17)
Why are Jews in Judea and Samaria not armed? This murderer should have been killed before he stepped foot in the house.
2. Israel needs a 'right to carry'
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (07.22.17)
Law that each Jewish Israeli may bare arms to protect themselves against this Arab /pal mental madness, murdering Jews for being born Jewish.
The worst punishment that Israel now has is to demolish a house which will be rebuilt but, where's the justice of a trail of dead Jews because thy weren't permitted the means to properly defend themselves ?
3. Israel needs the second amendment FJO*
BBB   (07.22.17)
*ForJews Only.
Too many Islamic terrorist maniacs aiming to murder Jews falsely believing that heaven houses cold blooded murderers.
4. who left all those bloody foot steps if not him...
epo   (07.22.17)
his shoes and soles look surprisingly white after killing 3 ppl with a knife
5. "Occupation" just a pretext. What about London,Paris,Nice...
melville ,   Nice   (07.22.17)
"Occupation" is just a pretext. What about London,Paris,Nice,Manchester, Brussels,Stockhom,Chicago,Fort Lauderdale, endless list of cities where terrorist-muslims kill, maim, slaughter the innocents. "Occupied" cities, these? Well maybe in the eyes of those evil good-to-nothing terrorist-muslims, but then it says something about islam, and the deadly danger it represents for the civilised world that was weak enough to allow millions of them in. Time to wake up !
6. UN deplores Palis deaths in Jerusalem but do they also
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.22.17)
deplore Israeli deaths in Halamish ? UN should be hanging their heads in shame.
7. murders in Halamisch
annie ,   jerusalem   (07.22.17)
@Alex Salomon .Is blaming the victims all you can say ? As for me ,I am just asking when we shall go out of this nightmare .
8. murder in Halamish
annie ,   Jerusalem   (07.22.17)
9. #1 is right on
geroge   (07.22.17)
religious leaders saying only god's help is sufficient. wrong-god helps those who help themselves. unarmed Israelis invite attacks. there were 10 people in the house. surely one of the adults could have taken gun training and been armed at the table or whereever. carnage could have been reduced or stopped. haredi leaders and others are helping kill israelis by not endorsing all of their flock into the idf or police or others where gun training and licensing would occur. the idf or police cannot get there that fast.arm yourselves you morons!
10. gabbay and lapid take note
ron   (07.22.17)
hamas rejoices in the slaughter of Israelis period. they want to brutally kill thousands of Israelis and boot the rest of them into the sea. this is regardless if israel went back to 67 borders. they want you out. and the more concessions, the more you will be attacked.

ehud barak said there is no mercy in the middle east which has always ruled by guns. if you have no guns or no defensible borders, you end up dead.
11. Dogs
Jack bender ,   Palm beach   (07.22.17)
If these people had a dog (malonois or German shep.)...they would be alive today
12. Islamist terrorist: Jews are "the sons of monkeys and pigs"
C   (07.22.17)
this islamist terrorist thought he would go to heaven.

his god decided otherwise.
he will spend the rest of his life in an israeli prison.
13. yaalon and israeli actions
james   (07.22.17)
yaalon and the idf were quick to sanction idf soldiers who used excessive force against terrorists-jewish values being crucial.the rabs then look at israeli actions as weak minded because they respect force.this moderation percolates to each israeli home-let us love peace and be good neigbours-wonderful.

so the terrorist or freedom fighter from his point of view seizes a chance when he sees israelis not ready to fight.

as usual, the people at the house, i believe, did not carry guns on them-big mistake. israels should be armed and ready and when they see an arab freedom fighter about to act or in the process of acting-shoot hi, shoot him end of story. for too long, jews have turned the other cheek-enough!

14. Power is corrupt
Reservist ,   Jerusalem   (07.23.17)
Israel as a people is divided. Liberals and such will shut up only long enough for reservists to go and die and stop terror issue from going too far... only then to release terrorists after and few years in prision... you can get worse prision time in israel for touching the wealthys money.... and you can get released after some years for doing the above.... our government is corrupt, the leadership seeks to please the powers who have money and influence... this terrorists will be praised by his family and people, felt bad for by left jewish people and cared for by security prision services which we will pay yearly much money to do so. I live here, I have seen with my eyes all of this first hand, you people who talk the talk and condemn us here in Israel know not the truth and the truth is not with you... I am american israeli and I say, a well armed soceity is a polite soceity... arm the people and let the people govern themselves... BB and government it is time to collet your blood monies and go away.... power to the people and let's start hanging murders again from an old oak tree.....
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