Palestinian killed in West Bank clashes over Temple Mount
Hassan Shalan
Published: 22.07.17, 22:39
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1. Irrational hatred and blood lust
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (07.22.17)
For what kind of humanity?
2. Where's G.W. Bush?
Brad   (07.22.17)
The first time I heard that Islam was a religion of peace, it came from Bush's liberal compromising mouth after 9-11. What do the Muslim murderers have to do before the rest of the world wakes up to the fact that Islam is a cult of expansionism, violence, murder, rape, and lies. In the 1980's President Reagan told everyone to "read their words", when he was warning everyone about the expansionist communist Soviet Union, and he was exactly right. Today, with regard to the cult of Islam, everyone should take President Reagan's good advice. "Read their words". Read the Koran, read the hadiths, read the Reliance of the traveler. If you haven't read them, then shut up about how Muslims are so peaceful until you do. If you won't read them, just shut up.
3. they want a "struggle to the death"
C   (07.22.17)
the islamists really love death and martyrdom.
they really think that they will go to their heaven.
their fanaticism knows no bounds.
it is not possible to have a dialogue with fanatics.
it is not possible to have peace with fanatics.
israel must achieve total victory.
4. We can postpone it as much as we like to (almost), but the
inevitable will come: Muslims in this Land of Israel of ours will have to go. We must end this prolonged occupation of Mohammad's hordes and we better do it NOW. Sounds impossible, but it isn't. All is needed is strong, focused leadership and the WILL to do it. Then we shall find a way, just like we found a way to turn this desert into beautiful oasis.
5. One helpful thing
Joseph ,   Glastonbury USA   (07.23.17)
I liked it when one of the videos above ,shows police spraying them from a moving van with DDT !!! It can work on human sized insects . ð゚ミワð゚ミロð゚ミロð゚ミワð゚ミワð゚ミワð゚ミワð゚ミワ
6. how would putin handle this?
mahmoud   (07.23.17)
the press would be booted out, tanks and armored personnel carriers would be sent in big force rolling over 5-10,000 dead arab bodies. abbas would dare not say one word against putin. most arabs would then retire to their homes in fear.

on the other hand, israel affords the arab ist rate medical care, a lawyer, and if jailed-university courses, tel calls, internet. this is the gabbay and herzog method of winning over hearts and minds.
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