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Israeli singer passes away day after saving niece from drowning
Ahiya Raved, Ran Boker
Published: 23.07.17, 16:57
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1. Insane story. Fuel on the bonfire of all the "What's written
above-must happen" crowd..... Hope he makes it indeed.
2. Entering the water when there is no lifeguard in duty
Anne   (07.23.17)
That is the reason, he entered the water with his niece in an undeclaired beach with no lifeguard, its a terrible tragedy, but this is the truth
3. Heroic rescue of a chikld touches the heart. RIP our hero.
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.23.17)
4. Tragic story but some lessons to be learned
LessonsLearned ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.25.17)
Your heart goes out to this young talented man who suffered so much a wrong diagnosis horrific treatment only to have it all end like this.
There are lessons to be learned however why did he go to
an unsupervised beach and take his young niece there as well
endangering both another question many are asking why is
he not being buried in a traditional Jewish funeral or
cemetery ? He was a huge superstar in a Jewish Homeland ?
May his soul rest in peace
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