Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Explosive chain of events could lead to new wave of terrorism
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 23.07.17, 10:58
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1. uprising?? or jihad??
victor ,   brussels   (07.23.17)
Who is behind this uprising?
Iran and hizbollah.
Read the analyse of DEBKA.

Get rid of the 5th colon.
Dismantel al aksa mosk.
And be ready for a total war with iran.

There are no other options
If not they will destroy Israel
2. So????!!!!!! Are you THAT thick Ben Yishai?
3. If Jews cant pray at their most holy site lets close shop
AnationOrA-Ghetto? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.23.17)
80 years ago the entire world turned a blind eye to the murders of
the Jewish people either they actively participated in it Germany
Hungary Poland and others the British took in 10,000 and sealed
8 million in Nazi Europe preventing them from coming to
"Palestine" a name coined by another European Power Rome to
erase the Jewish connection to its homeland other nations turned
back ships of Jewish men women and children including the USA
so either they were actively slaughtering the Jews or passively
slaughtering the Jews the result was the same ( US Air Force Photograph
Aushwitz but don't bomb it !) The State of Israel was founded
as a refuge for the persecuted Jew a homeland restored a language
restored and the heart and soul of the Jew for millennia was and
is Jerusalem and at its heart the Temple Mount. The Arab Moslem
World has no respect whatsoever for those who don't respect
their faith or tradition such are considered the lowest of the lowest it is beyond their comprehension so while we honor their exaggerated
sense of pride and honor we degrade ours and at what cost Israeli
Jews are tired of being told "better to be wise than right" that hasn't
worked get it it hasn't worked . Either we are a proud nation that
reclaims our most precious history or there is no reason to be
4. Zero tolerance to bad behavior
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (07.23.17)
Start using appropriate force to protect law abiding citizens
5. compromise cannot be found
C   (07.23.17)
muslims do not compromise.

as they have already stated, they love death. if they die in jihad, they
believe they will go to their heaven.
no other religion has such twisted ideology.
6. "Explosive Chain of Events" stop feeding us diet of "FEAR"
LeftistMediaOfFear ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.23.17)
YNET and other Leftwing Medias in Israel we don't buy your
culture of Fear anymore we have been there and after each
"explosive event " Israel gets stronger if they keep this up
it is they that should fear another NAKBA .The majority
of Israelis today are from the Middle East some 60% and
have a mentality much different from the Tel Aviv
Ashkenazi Fear Mongering elite and they will not hesitate
to use the same culture of violence towards the Palestinians
if they need to , the Arabs need to know that demographics
numerically and culturally have changed and not in their favor.
7. Eastern Jerusalem needs to be pacified & Jews settled there
NeglectOfHistoricJrs ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.23.17)
These neighborhoods that are rioting Silwan A Tur Mount of Olives
and Abu Dis and a few others are basically made up of very ill
educated Arabs many of whom live there illegally having moved
in from Hebron in the last few years, they should be sent home
It is criminal how all Israeli governments have neglected the
most sacred religious and historic part of Jerusalem including
the Mount of Olives. What is needed is a massive infusion of
Jews in that historic area and it will become pacified there need
to be police stations there as well, There's no end of money
for sky scrapers banks shopping centers cultural centers but
no money for populating the historic side of eastern Jerusalem
or for a couple of police stations ? Whose kidding who ? The
people no longer believe their so called " nationalist leaders"
If Israel gives in here it will lead to " generations of weeping" as
the Torah says enough vacillation either its visibly ours or
lets close up shop if we cant settle and claim the heart
of Jerusalem why are we here ?
8. "New Wave of Terrorism?> the whole ME is "Waving"
LetsAllHideUnderBeds ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.24.17)
9. Transfer the "Palestinian street" to Jordan
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.26.17)
"Palestinians" don't need a reason for terrorism. It is the only thing they do well. Terror is their one true love. The real answer is to transfer the "Palestinian street" to Jordan where it belongs.
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